Dark Days: The Forge #1 – a Group Read


In case you missed it (of course you did), the CBU Collective discussed Dark Days: The Forge #1 (DC Comics) as a group back on June 19th. Seems there was a general consensus about the art. Here’s how it went . . . [Expect SPOILERS!]

by The Comic Book Underground

Group Read Roster

(in order of appearance)

Joe Gardner  Steve Damm

 Adam Hank Johnson  Sean McPhillimy Taylor

Michael Tennant  Stephane Trahan

Joe Gardner (Aquaman): I’m​ assuming (really, really hoping) the “egg” is Plastic Man. And I’m not familiar with the tower in Superman’s fortress. At least, I don’t think I am.


Steve Damm (The Sentry): Plastic Man, Joker and Hawkman solving a mystery while Green Lantern stumbles through the dark . . . Im in. I really enjoyed this issue. It was compressed, perfectly paced and a great introduction to the story. Not any real background reading required to enjoy it either.


Adam Hank Johnson (The Joker): As a Joker fan the last page seized me. Read Snyder said that this will touch on the 3 Joker Story I have been waiting to long for. Metal will have better art and my pre order. Read this one for free. Loathe that art.


Sean McPhillimy Taylor (Green Arrow): I agree with Steve about the pacing and it being a great introduction. The story has me intrigued about all three sub-plots that will eventually tie together.

I feel the art was actually the weak point, which is odd to me given DC’s PR campaign (or at least social media campaign) about this story being an “artist driven” showcase book. The Hawkman scenes in particular, while none of them were bad, they also looked mediocre to me – certainly not “star talent” worthy that would “push the needle.” Jim Lee’s art mostly just blended in and felt like the same level of quality work a lot of artists are doing these days. Oddly enough for me, after hating JR JR’s Superman run, his art was my favorite of the book.

I like that DC is finally going to give us more Duke Thomas after setting him up big time with Batman’s Rebirth issue only to sideline him into almost nothingness. Teaming him up with Hal Jordan works really well for me, in part because Duke is still enough of a blank canvass that Hal will force him to grow and develop. This also works because for those who have been reading Green Lanterns, the one staring Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, Batman recently told Simon Baz that he was the first Green Lantern that Batman felt he could actually work with, unlike all of the others. So to flip that to a new relationship between Hal and Duke, I like it.


Michael Tennant (Nightwing): John Romita Jr.’s art bothered me as always. Biggest problem is the art was inconsistent.


Sean: Throughout the book or just JR Jr.’s? Because I would agree that the entire book was inconsistent.


Stephane Trahan (Ninjak): It was an interesting read, but I also did not fully enjoy the art . . . I was hoping this would tie-in with the button story, but it does not seem to be the case.


Adam: Will have to wait for Doomsday Clock to continue that storyline. Too many stories for one guy in a Bat suit is always my complaint. The Button is not even mentioned. Instead we learned Bruce has more dark secrets.

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