One Man /// Riot #1: Black Panther So Lit?

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by Daryll Benjamin aka “Alex Wilder”

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Ever since he was announced to be a part of Captain America: Civil War, T’Challa a.k.a THE BLACK PANTHER has had a raise in his profile. A ruler of a strong African nation in Wakanda and a superhero on par with his American counterparts. A lot of new fans were made and enlightened. The energy grew to such a level that his own movie was greenlighted for 2018. CHADWICK BOSEMAN would reprise his role with RYAN COOGLER of Creed fame directing. Possibly the most quality Black/African acting cast was chosen and it left everyone out of their minds. Panther Mania has reached an all-time pitch . . .

Except for me.

Just call me HUEY FREEMAN on this one. I’ll explain this one like this: in the animated comedy The Boondocks, they did a fantastic episode about PRESIDENT OBAMA getting selected to office. And how everyone was going nuts over him being President. Except for Huey, who sat on his park bench, watching folks lose their minds knowing that things don’t just magically change overnight. The hardships and bullshit conditions which got you celebrating this “change” would still be there for a while.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the fact that we are going to get a Black Panther movie. A movie where we will get to see all levels of the African experience at Marvel shining brightly for the world to see. However, the same people going bonkers over this obviously didn’t buy the comics. Black Panther: World of Wakanda was cancelled after maxresdefault26 issues. Black Panther and The Crew had its cancellation announced before the 3 issue even hit the stands. I’m a comic book guy first and to see two books I like not even hit half a year before getting the ax is disheartening to say the least. Maybe if those who spouted off that #BlackPantherSoLit nonsense actually went to their comic book shops to, you know, ACTUALLY buy the books maybe they would have survived. But again this is me just being angry and not conveying what I want to get across.


Here it goes. I shouldn’t be mad. I should be joyous. We’re getting this fantastic property on our screens at last. However, when I get people who I know for a fact didn’t pick up a single book trying to tell me how the movie and books should be??? I’m sorry. That’s when the old comic book, anal retentive fan in me comes on and goes off. For example:

“Wakanda should be . . .” Um. How would you know? Do you even comic book? Did you even pick up any of the THREE series that came out that highlighted current Wakandan Society? Yeah. Thought so . . .

BP: World of Wakanda was going to be an anthology book centering in and around citizens of Wakanda and members of T’Challa’s universe. It began with an interesting lesbian love angle with two of the Dora Mijare and how the growth of that weaved in and out of modern Wakandan history. Of course, close-minded fans didn’t purchase the book past the 1st issue and it got canned. Added to that, hearing later on from “fans” that there was no precedence in the comics for a relationship rumored to be in the movie.

Meanwhile, Black Panther and The Crew is a book spotlighting T’Challa, STORM, MISTY KNIGHT, LUKE CAGE and MANIFOLD as the death of a hero of Harlem brings them together and unearths the secret history of heroism there. My problems with Misty’s characterization aside, this book did not have a chance as cancellation, as I said previously, was confirmed before the third issue hit the shelves.


“Me and my friends are gonna storm the theater when this comes out. Finally, a black superhero…” Blade on Line 1. Blankman on Line 2. Meteor Man on Line 3. Catwoman on Line 4. With The Mack, Shaft and Foxy Brown all waiting by the reception desk.

We have had black heroes of various types. Statement still got my goat though . . .

“I don’t see why you’re getting upset. I want to be proud of a strong black creation getting his shine at Marvel!” Um, Black Panther was co-created by JACK KIRBY, who’s . . . you know what? My blood pressure is already up. I’ll leave that surprise to you.

Do we even need to get into why this one got me fired up? Yeahhhhhhhh!

So this is what I have to deal with on the regular. Of course, I know it isn’t just sales that doom a book BUT! I simply cannot hide my anger and resentment at how this went down. Now I know my views are not going to resonate with everyone, but I hope you gained at least a little more insight into my line of thinking.

Time to hit y’all with some thoughts:

– If you aren’t watching Dark Matter by now, I’m not going to waste breath telling you to watch anymore. Seriously, this is the most inclusive science fiction show ever and MELISSA O’NEIL does not get enough credit for her acting chops.

– On that note, TATIANA MASLANY is STILL the best actress on television. I’m going to miss Orphan Black when it ends with my soul.

– To my fellow sports fanatics, if you have not watched Celtics/Lakers Best of Enemies yet, drop everything and do so. One of the best ESPN 30 For 30 documentaries ever. 3 parts of just NBA greatness.

Thanks for reading. Until Next Time, Be Safe Folks.

Daryll was a quiet, insecure person for years, then an incident blew Daryll’s mind to the point where he couldn’t keep it inside anymore. Now that the rage is released, EVERYONE will hear his mouth.

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