The Femme Wonder #0: Genesis

New SammieCaptain Marvel for Sammie

by Sammie Wetherell aka “Captain Marvel”

Being a woman in the world of men can be tough. Being a woman in the world of nerds can be just as much of a struggle. We constantly fight for our validation against the few that still believe in this “boys only club”. We’ve seen our favorite female characters get overlooked for the bigger male ones, merchandise of female characters is far less than the male ones out there, women storylines get tossed about so badly that they end up in the ‘fridge.’ I don’t want to be taken as a male-hating feminist because that’s not me at all! The majority of my favorite characters in comics and pop culture are male, yet my heart is all for the women in these universes. I want them to be equals, written as warriors and seen as the goddess they are.

I’m not saying that we’ve not seen these amazing characters on screen in movies and TV. Marvel has brought us many female characters in their movies, and they also gave a female a lead in her own TV show with Jessica Jones. Star Wars had two female leads in their recent movies, and the CW brought life back into Supergirl. It is getting better and these achievements should not be overlooked. I’m very excited about these changes we are seeing but they’ve not gotten me on an emotional level yet—not like the Wonder Woman movie did.

I must declare this before I go any further

mv5bmzm3mtyxmdg4mv5bml5banbnxkftztgwmtmymju2mte-_cr4135619171436_ux614_uy460-_sy230_sx307_al_I was never a fan of WONDER WOMAN. I kinda liked the 70s TV show with Lynda Carter but it didn’t make me look up from my Ghostbusters figures to actually care about her. I would turn my nose up at the slightest mention of her name, even in Flashpoint Paradox (which I love, btw) where she is a total badass; I still didn’t care about her. It wasn’t until Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice that I actually looked at her differently. And no it’s not because she and Batman were the only decent thing in that movie, but the style and execution that Gal Gadot brought, made me open my eyes to her Wonder.

One thing you need to know about me is when I get interested in something I need to know the back end of it, and I needed to know it yesterday. WONDER WOMAN was no different, I started with reading her comics, her Wikipedia page, and any other articles I could get my hands on. I needed to know everything about this character that I once thought was too commercial and mainstream for me to be a fan of. I didn’t just get to know about her, I also got to learn about her creator, William Moulton Marston, the man who brought her to the pages of comic books back in 1941. After what I saw on Batman Vs Superman I wasn’t worried that DC could mess up her own solo movie. Just the fact she was getting her first solo movie was huge in itself, but Gal Gadot’s charm and charisma as Diana Prince were strong enough to power through whatever the script had in store for her.


I wasn’t disappointed at all with the movie, it was absolutely incredible from start to finish. I knew after watching it why it was important to me that this movie, not only did well with critics, but managed to reach a lot of people that may not see themselves as comic book fans. I walked out of the cinema feeling empowered and inspired and I wondered if this was the same for the younger members of the audience. It got me thinking, how exciting for them to finally see a female lead in a comic book movie.

Would this start a journey for them into comic books? Could this help empower them at a young age to be the strong women they will grow up to be?

These thoughts got my creative mind working, wondering what could I do to help expose the many women that are out there that don’t get the exposure that they should. Could these hidden characters be another form of empowerment to others? This is where the idea of “The Femme Wonder” came from. With the inspiration I got from Wonder Woman 559d1de5fff2c16856a66e95_t-kelly-sue-deconnick-captain-marvel-bitch-planet-comicsand what I always get from the great Kelly Sue DeConnick, I wanted to bring that essence to this column. Each article will be a look into female characters, writers, and artists that you may already know about, or maybe have never heard of before. I don’t just want this to be an “everything you need to know about . . .” But rather a celebration of these woman, and the wonder they bring to our nerd world and culture.


Until next time,

Peace, Love & Peanut Butter

Sammie storms in from the green lands of Durham, England. She’s an aspiring writer, comics lover, gamer and cat momma. Besides writing for this great site, she also works on content for her YouTube channel and vlog, Two girls and a Cat, all while trying to make her way in this big nerd world.

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