The Comic Book Underground Weekly Rundown

The Comic Book Underground has been lurking behind the scenes in social media since 2011, sharing our brand of comic book advocacy and brandishing our personal views and flagrant opinions for the greater good of comics and pop culture. Recently, we as a collective of comics journos and enthusiasts have for the first time ever taken to the blogosphere together as one. Now with a full couple of weeks behind us, here’s a rundown of the past week’s activities (an abbreviated week due to the national holiday).

Marvel’s LEGACY Counting Kerfuffle – a CBU Roundtable Discussion

Green Lanterns + Sam Humphries – a Series Review

Into the Timestream #2: Fantastic Four #285

Divided States of Outrage – a Commentary

Losing the (Moral) Center – a Commentary

#NCBD Haul Pics from The CBU Collective – July 5, 2017

Bat Season – a Batman/Elmer Fudd Special #1 Review

The Comic Book Underground’s 2016-17 TV Season Report Cards

The Graphic Principle #0: Beginnings

The Comic Book Underground is a comics culture collective and network of enthusiasts and aficionados bound together by our love and appreciation of all things comic books and comics-related. Unbridled passion, intelligent discourse and yes, sometimes flagrant opinions are the driving force of a collective that was borne of discussion, enlightenment and civil debate. We cover a multitude of aspects and topics based around comics as well as the geek and popular culture that surrounds them. We are the Fifth Estate.

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