#NCBD Haul Pics from The CBU Collective – July 12, 2017

#NCBD Haul pics from The CBU Collective.


Daryll Benjamin’s haul.

DB says: Harbinger broke my heart as two of my fav Valiant teams took heavy losses. Hulk continues to be great. New SuperMan may just have earned book of the week status from the Big 2. The Crew is finally hitting a stride and I really don’t know the purpose behind Spider-Men II. That’s why Catalyst Prime will continue to get my meager monies. Accell was visually stunning while Noble is old school heroics. Titans was predictable as was Defenders….except for that last page. He’s NOT walking away from that. And finally Secret Warriors had me in stitches ESP. Lunella with Deadpool. Ouch. Simply ouch. 😎👍🏾

Michael Tennant’s haul.

Sean McPhillimy Taylor’s haul.


Stephane Trahan’s haul.


Brandon Rucker’s haul.


Joe Gardner’s small haul.

The Haul is the #NCBD, Wednesday Warrior ritualistic tradition of sharing one’s comic book acquisitions of the week, whether they’re new comics or back issues. This is our culture, this thing of ours.

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