The Comic Shop Q&A with Anyone Comics

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Dimitrios Fragiskatos
Dimitri, our man in the biz.

Dimitrios Fragiskatos is a well-to-do, emotionally-adjusted adult who values honesty and integrity above all else. He is the owner/operator of Anyone Comics in the Brooklyn, NY.

The following is a brief Q&A session with our entrepreneur reflecting on the comic book month of June from his unique retailer’s perspective for the CBU and our readers.

If you’re ever in the Brooklyn area, be sure to visit the store. For more store info visit: Anyone

Q: What were the best-selling single-issue comics at your store in June? Any surprises or was it just the usual suspects?

A: The Batman lenticulars did the second best, because it combines comic collectors’ favorite thing.

Besides that, Paper Girls and Black Panther were my best books. Aliens: Dead Orbit by James Stokoe did very well too. I wasn’t surprised personally. Stokoe’s art appeals to artists with its style and originality and my customers seem to gravitate towards that. I don’t believe it has anything to do with the movie because, logically, Brian Wood’s Alien: Defiance would logically do well, also. That wasn’t the case though.

Millennials: You are Special #2 performed the best, but I wouldn’t count it since, I wrote it.

Q: What trade paperback collections tend to move the most at your store?

A: The Tom King Batman trades do very well. His Visions does well, also.

Brian K. Vaughan’s books always do well. Gerard Way’s Doom Patrol sells well. On the Marvel end, we have the Black Panther books, Mighty Thor and Al Ewing’s Ultimates.

Q: Were there any new trending sellers to speak of in June?

A: Black Monday Murders by Jonathan Hickman and Thom Coker is a new trending seller. Gengoroh Tagame’s My Brother’s Husband is also breaking ground!

Q: New comics and events are typically announced and solicited three months in advance. Of the new stuff coming down the pipeline, what has generated the most buzz at your store – what has your customers talking the most?

A: We try to make neighborhood events that people will talk about more than the latest gimmicks that people are talking about on comic news sites. The other day Damion Scott spray painted our gate, for example. It was quite a show that was live-streamed. We have Drink N’ Draws, one of which was hosted by Ron Wimberley!

People are excited for DC’s Metal and their hologram covers. The production behind the hologram covers and the level of planning is top notch.

Anyone Comics storefront
Damion Scott’s storefront gate artwork.

Q: As a new comic culture store owner/operator/retailer, what comic book industry news has you most anxious in terms of the marketplace, whether it be good, bad or ugly?

A: As a new comic store owner/ operator/retailer mainstream news is more impactful than industry news. For example, a write up in AV Club has garnered more interest in Lion Forge comics than any write up in Newsarama or CBR from what I’ve seen. Coverage for Murder Ballads from Z2 on Entertainment Weekly and Paste Magazine has gotten more interest in that original graphic novel than the Deadpool: Bad Blood OGN, for example.

Thank you for the information and your time, Dimitrios! We should do this kind of thing on a regular basis!

AC storefront - dayAnyone Comics is a new hub for artists and comic fans. We carry titles from all major publishing houses and a huge line of exclusive work from independent artists. Discover something new, more gritty or whimsical than you’d find anywhere else. We also plan to open a comic incubator in Brooklyn to help launch new artists – if you’ve got talent and want to get published, come talk to us.

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