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|by Daryll Benjamin|

The Uncanny Daryll B. shares some commentary on the comics he’s read recently.

~ Comics ~

Astro City 45Astro City #45 by Kurt Busiek, Brent E Anderson, Alex Ross & Peter Pantazis – There has always been a glowing hero for the denizens of Astro City since folks can remember but who is he/she? Witness as one hero learns about past lives and lineages. And why some doors just must remain closed….

503180-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_Black Panther #15 by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Wilfredo Torres, Adam Gorham, Terry Pallot & Laura Martin – The supernatural attacks are growing in intensity within Wakanda. We get more insight into Shuri’s new power set. And even T’Challa has to look for more aid as chaos is beginning to erupt.

503385-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_Moon Girl Devil Dinosaur #20 by Brandon Montclare, Natasha Bustos & Tamra Bonvillain – Lunella’s brain pushed to the limit as she is trying to assist Ego’s Daughter, Illa. However the logistics of freeing up a sentient moon, especially a clingy one, might be too much for our preteen genius. Meanwhile Doom’s Head is left to his own devices . . .

portrait_incredibleSecret Empire #5 by Nick Spencer, Andrea Sorrentino, Rod Reis, Joshua Cassara & Rachelle Rosenberg – The chase and fights for the pieces of Kubik continue as cracks in the veneer of both sides begin to appear. And as that wasn’t heavy enough, you need to see just who comes to the “2nd” Steve Rogers aid in the jungle . . .

sw_001_cover-a_allen2-261x401Secret Weapons #1 by Eric Heisserer, Raul Allen & Patricia Martin – For every Sting and Livewire, there were folks activated that their abilities were deemed insignificant for Harada’s plans. Now a force is taking out these Harbingers one by one and it up to Livewire to gather the survivors and make it through alive.

deathstroke_21_final_600-2-copy_58ec25f53ff144-38283746Deathstroke #21 by Christopher Priest, Diogenes Neves, Jason Paz & Jeromy Cox – So Slade has taken on his new path of redemption/family gathering by imitating his enemies and forming his own Titans squad called “Defiance”. Jericho, Ravager, Power Girl, Kid Flash, and ???????? are his recruits, each with their own motives. Yeah. No way this can go wrong. Once again, tangled tapestries of the past are very, VERY dangerous things.

nickfury_prevNick Fury #4 by James Robinson, ACO, Hugo Petrus & Rachelle Rosenberg – There have been some fun spy adventures been had by Nick Fury so far but now we getting serious. The location: Atlantis; The objective: ferret out a Hydra spy. The problem: Fury’s disguise only has an hour of oxygen and it is a Namor celebration in the city. Find one spy, within an hour, in a raucous underwater city. Yeah. No problem.


Motor Girl #7 by Terry Moore – The Corporation steps up their moves to take over the junkyard as Libby steps up her efforts to get them the hell out. Meanwhile, Sam gets medical attention, which raises more questions about the Gorilla for me and, well, you just need to see who’s taking a bath in the house . . .

hr_005_cover_robertsonHarbinger Renegade #5 by Rafer Roberts, Darick Robertson, Richard Clark & Diego Rodriguez – Well for months we Valiant Fans were warned that within this issue, a hero would die. Also we were told that this issue would be the kickoff to Harbinger Wars 2. On both counts they were right and I don’t think I will forgive them for this one. The journey on the path of no return begins and my favorite valiant teams are FOREVER scarred . . .

516098-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_The Defenders #3 by Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez & Justin Ponsor – The team has been in a better place as The Punisher has them in his crosshairs and PULLED the trigger. You can imagine that Luke isn’t happy about that. Meanwhile, Diamondback is making his power play in the underworld and safe to say one Defender isn’t going to be too well after this one . . .

~ Trade Paperbacks ~

monstress_vol02-1Monstress Vol 2 by Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda – On the run from the authorities and from her own perceived destiny, Maika Halfwolf & her companions now hit the high seas in search of answers. The problem will searching for answers is that sometimes you will find them. Be prepared for the fun and games to end as forces, earthly & demonic, make themselves known to our gals.

9781401268800_p0_v4_s192x300Wonder Woman Vol. 2 by Greg Rucka, Geoff Johns, Rags Morales, Drew Johnson, Sean Phillips, James Raiz, Justiniano, Ray Snyder, Michael Bair, Mark Propst, Livesay, Walden Wong, James Sinclair, Richard & Tanya Horie – Continuing Rucka’s run, Medousa has been released back on the world by her sisters and Circe. Athena and the female gods make their move on Zeus. Ares schemes in a way only he can do and Diana suffers more losses than most heroes can bear. There’s a reason I said that this edition should be adapted for the Wonder Woman sequel. Rucka has almost a perfect blend of myth and current society here.

A whole lot more from Daryll on his July comic book reads is on up on his Facebook blog.

Daryll Benjamin
Daryll Benjamin

Blerd. Irritant. Blogger. Podcaster at afronerd.com. Daryll was a quiet, insecure person for years, then an incident blew Daryll’s mind to the point where he couldn’t keep it inside anymore. Now that the rage is released, EVERYONE will receive his words. Read Daryll’s CBU Column: One Man /// Riot


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