The Next Level #2: Kingdom Hearts 3 – Thoughts on the Trailer

The Next Level is a CBU column focused on videogames. Once again we’re taken to the next level by Vincent London II, our man on the D-pad and thumbsticks.


The Hollywood conglomerate that is Disney continues to prove why they are leading the forefront in all things falling under the wide spectrum of entertainment. Starting off as a film production company, Disney has evolved into an extremely large entity within the entertainment world. In the last decade Disney has set their sights on big name movie franchises like Star Wars and publishing companies such as Marvel. Expanding their reach far and wide, Disney has shown no signs of letting up any time soon, bringing fans a plethora of works at a show-and-tell like conference called D23 Expo. Plenty of reveals have originated out of D23, but the one we’ll focus on today is the heavily anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer which has been in development longer than Vladimir Putin’s diplomacy.

Tetsuya Nomura and his team of developers have finally said enough is enough, giving so many fans the bare minimum of what we asked for: a real-time cinematic trailer with actual in-game footage. Kingdom Hearts 3 adds Toy Story to the fold, putting Sora and the gang in a Lego/Mega-blocks-esque costume (which if you ask us, it makes a lot of sense), and giving our favorite childhood movie characters the voices of hardcore anime villains. It’s just something about hearing Buzz Lightyear and Woody sound like Madara Uchiha and Lord Pain that makes you feel like your waking up from an extremely bad weeaboo nightmare, but the game and possible plot for a story smooths out those weirdly ruffled edges.

Kingdom Hearts 3 sticks to its usual fun elements, adding more bright colors and interesting weapon combinations to wreak the most havoc amongst those pesky heartless. There’s also the talk of a possible new playable character. The final moments of the trailer show long term fans and watchers that KH3 picks up right where Dream Drop Distance leaves off with Sora and Riku’s quest to achieve marks of Keyblade mastery. Bringing some familiar faces in black cloaks back into the fold, just as we knew what everything in the previous games would be leading up to. Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to be released next year in 2018. Our only question is, will it be worth the hype, or will it at least live up to its predecessors? Watch the trailer below and inform us on how well you think the third installment to the main storyline will hold up against the others.

Vincent London II
Vincent London II

Vince is a writer, artist, and musician. He is an enthusiast of video games, comic books (mainly DC and indie publishers) and anime. Inspired by everything around him, his aim is to make the world a better place through artistry.

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