SDCC: Jeff Lemire Is Back and It’s Terrific!

A commentary by Michael Tennant, in which he rejoices at the return of a fan-favorite creator to the DC Comics stable.

I am not at San Diego Comic Con.

Not even close.

Frankly, it is a long way from home and with those crowds damned the claustrophobia would hit me hard. That does not mean that I am not watching. Some things simply demand my attention.

Jeff Lemire has thrilled DC Comics fans while writing titles such as Animal Man, Justice League United and a fantastic run on Green Arrow with artist Andrea Sorrentino. Then he was gone. For two years he spent time working for the competition (as well as a slew of indie and creator-owned projects). At Marvel Comics he’s given us All New Hawkeye, Extraordinary X-men, Old Man Logan and others. Now, per the recently announced news at SDCC, Lemire is back working for DC again! What goes around comes around.

As his days at the competition come to a close, I and many other fans have wondered if a return to DC was in the cards. Our wishes have come true. Spinning out of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Metal event for DC are two books with Lemire’s fingerprints all over them. First up is the Hawkman Found one-shot with art by Bryan Hitch and Kevin Nowlan (it’s rumored a Hawkman ongoing series is on the table), following that is a new team book, The Terrifics, written by Lemire with art by Ivan Reis.

With The Terrifics, Lemire stated he wants to recapture the feeling of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four. This is not the first time a creator has sought to channel Marvel’s first family (and it will not be the last).


What little we actually know about the book could easily fit in a tweet, and a short one at that. A series of headshots shared by artist Doc Shaner revealed the lineup to us. Of course, the ‘Terrific’ in the title would be Mr. Terrific, the third smartest man on Earth. He is joined by Metamorpho, Phantom Girl and Plastic Man. It’s an unusual group to be sure.

So far that is all we know.

And that is all I need to know. I am psyched!

Sometimes you only need a little tease . . . a little taste.

Because intuitively you know it will be Terrific.

Michael Tennant
Michael Tennant

After discovering Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes #239 as a young man, Michael never looked back. Armed with a passion for journalism and a thirst for knowledge, he still talks to his imaginary friends. 

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