The Wild Storm – Update & Sneak Peek via Warren Ellis

WS #7
Page 1 from The Wild Storm #7 – Art by Jon Davis-Hunt, color by Brian Buccellato.

Series update from writer Warren Ellis

THE WILD STORM #7, on sale September 20.  (We have a skip month.)  Variant cover by my old comrade Bryan Hitch.  Bryan and I talk once a week or so, these days, some seventeen years after finishing our year originating THE AUTHORITY.

I’m running a little slow right now, wrapping issue 9, with issues 10 – 12 existing as piles of notes in the notebook and Notepad text files.  Jon is somewhere in issue 8 and probably cursing my name over the unnecessarily long psychedelic scenes full of pointless odd details that amused the shit out of me when I was writing it.

Bryan Hill’s well into MICHAEL CRAY, Steve [Lieber] is finishing up issue one and killing it.  All is well at the WildStorm office. — Warren Ellis via Orbital Operations.

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