A commentary by Sammie Wetherell, in which she express disappointment in a recent social media event.

This makes me sad. This is not what my next article was going to be about. I honestly thought this topic of conversation was over. Its a topic that I thought had dyed down, I hadn’t seen any article covering it or seen anything on social media. I actual thought for once that the trolls of the Internet had settled down, and found something productive to do with their time.

I was sadly wrong.

This morning, like every morning, I woke up to check e-mails and social media. It’s my daily routine, I can’t function without being kept the loop with what’s happening in social media. That’s why I hate Mondays when Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead have aired in America, as I can’t check my phone until I’ve seen it later that day. I know I’m a little sad, but that’s my morning ritual. I bet there are others like me.  This morning was no different to any morning, apart from an article that really caught my eye.

“Sexist trolls can’t handle this Marvel editor’s work selfie” was the title of the article. It grabbed my attention as I follow an editor from Marvel, so it intrigued me to see who they were talking about. It came as a shock that I would see “Heather Antos” name in the article. Heather has worked as an editor for Marvel for a few years, her work credits include Gwenpool, Star Wars Poe Dameron, and she recently announced she will be working on the Thrawn spinoff. I followed her journey before she joined Marvel, and always got inspired by her work ethic. I was disgusted to see that Heather and her coworkers were targeted by trolls for simply posting a selfie of them having a milkshake. The comments of sexism rolled in along with Heather getting message direct through Twitter.

I couldn’t believe what I was actually reading. I felt sick at the thought that someone was targeted by these people all because she is a woman in the comic industry. Now I know that this goes on in all communities, but this affected me because this is my community, this is the industry I hold dearly to my heart. My initial thoughts are always, “ how can people be so cruel?” and the same answer always comes back. As long as these people are protected by hiding behind their computer screens, they will never stop. There’s no way that I know of that would stop them, but there are ways of making sure we rise above it.

What happened to Heather didn’t go unnoticed by her followers or her employer. The #MakeMineMilkshake, a play on the old Marvel slogan “Make Mine Marvel” swept Twitter in support of Heather. Marvel themselves even joined in with a picture of a woman with a milkshake saying “Some people harbor the most terrible grudges.” This is what I meant by rising above it. Showing support for our fellow woman by raising them up. I have been affected by trolls before, which is why I decided to make my writing work all about celebrating the women of comics. Making sure that I got their stories across and the impact they leave on the industry.

What has happened to Heather an others has lit a fire under me. It’s inspired me want to work even harder at my column and YouTube channel. My next article will be back to what I planned on doing, but I needed to bring this matter up. Its things like this that drive me to do what I do.

Until Next Time . . .

Peace, Love & Peanut Butter!

Sammie Wetherell
Sammie Wetherell

Sammie storms in from the green lands of Durham, England. She’s an aspiring writer, comics lover, gamer and cat momma. Besides writing for this great site, she also works on content for her YouTube channel and podcast, Two Girls, all while trying to make her way in this big nerd world.

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