One Man /// Riot #4: Social Awareness Week?

One Man /// Riot is a CBU column by Daryll Benjamin.

In this episode our one man riot offers a cautionary on PC, PR and SJWs.

First, My thanks to those that reached out to my family and I in our time of loss. It is very much appreciated. And now that I got that out of the way, I’m going to say up front that the first part of my column is going to piss off some people. So . . . yeah . . . here we go!


Valuable lesson time and some advice to start and it is something that my Afronerd podcast friend “Capt. Kirk” warned of a while ago. If you stick your neck out for a cause, be very careful to keep on that line in this age of video/social media. The crew of Supergirl is finding this out the hard way. After the loads of LGBT fans were lauding the series for their good handling of Alex/Maggie’s relationship, they had to keep that in mind to stay in that zone.

Um . . . nope!

At the recent San Diego Comic Con, in an interview with MTV News that had most of the cast, Jeremy Jordan (who plays Winn) decides to “aggressively suggest” (shout) that the “shippers” (fans that like to hook up characters) were wrong about Lena and Kara (Supercorp) being a future couple.

“They’re only friends . . . they’re not gonna get together . . . ”

Now to them in that moment and to a majority of people, this would be harmless horseplay, but that’s not how a lot of their LGBT fans are looking at it. They are feeling betrayed and are angry. Again, when you stick your neck out, there will be those waiting to tear you back down with a slip-up. The chemical spill clean up will be interesting to witness. Can they mend the ties or did they just Sleepy Hollow themselves?


But to present the other side of the issue, Jordan DID apologize for his remarks, TWICE, in writing and it has received the social media treatment. However, the offended parties still have not let it go. There is something to be said for all my fellow parties of the underclass about propping up shows like Supergirl in being a “perfect” representation of what you all are on TV. Keep in mind that most shows have dozens, if not hundreds, of people working on them and not all of them may agree with a show’s message or direction. They all have to work for that paycheck. You folks put Supergirl on that pedestal though, and unfortunately there is only one place for it to go . . . (*insert the sound falling stone sound*)

I can accept the apology and move on, BUT if you are one of the affected parties who can’t just look in a mirror and ask yourselves this: did you like Supergirl before this for the show or the ideal? And now that the fantasy is “popped”, did you really like the show???

As I say this about Supergirl, I wonder what fans of Star Trek are thinking about William Shatner right now after his recent comments about SJWs? Already I see the lines being drawn for and against on Twitter.


Folks going up against the gals behind #NoConfederate (@FilmFatale_NYC, @ReignOfApril, @BlackGirlNerds, @ShanelleLittle, @iamlaurenp) have just not understood. Heck, some of the people who are in “support” of them haven’t understood either. The whole point wasn’t “Boycott HBO” or “Where’s our black shows?” but you guys at Game of Thrones and HBO couldn’t help yourselves with this and put it out on social media. Thinking the good feeling behind GoT would push this through without push-back. HBO green-lit it sight unseen. However, to the Black community that have seen “positive light” TV shows about as often as we have gotten female-led superhero movies, there was ALWAYS going to be an eyebrow raised at this. Seriously, we’re going to make a show about the South WINNING the Civil War? Un-huh. Not like we’ve NEVER seen a Confederate flag, right?

In the same vein, those who were supporting this but going the extra mile saying we should boycott HBO as a whole: remind me which network green-lit Insecure? Who gave Chris Rock the chance to form his production company? Newsflash: you can choose not to watch a show WITHOUT a boycott of a whole network. Again, a good point getting pushed to the point of ridiculousness.

(BUT seriously, GoT showrunners: you really didn’t think that Black Folks would not get upset? Or were you counting on any publicity being good publicity?)


I (Uncanny Daryll B.) may have been absent, but the Afronerd show moved on as usual this past Saturday with Dburt, Capt. Kirk G & @Claire Lanay touching on a lot of stories with a guest drop in from @Bison4Life. Topics touched upon this week are the aforementioned Supergirl/’shipping incident; Apu from The Simpsons and one comedian’s TruTv documentary about him; Wonder Woman & the Oscars?; John Urschel giving up the NFL to pursue his math doctorate; Captain Marvel and the Skrulls and is Batman a meta-human? Give it a listen:

Two quick notes on the show from yours truly:

1. I may love The Simpsons, but I concur with the comedian and the documentary. I found Apu funny but, there is no doubt that he’s a problem for the Indians of Asia. Why? Do you think the shallow-minded would go and do any research on their own about stereotypes? Nope. Much easier to got and run with it than actually do work on their own. The one scene that got me was Hank Azaria doing the Apu impersonation at a graduation ceremony. I have to think that there were folks of Indian linage in the audience. I would think they cringed in their seats during this . . .

2. I’m against the whole prequel thing and that’s the direction that Captain Marvel is going to go, BUT Ant-Man used the technique well in explaining Hank Pym and why we didn’t see him. Also we are going to get more of what Agent Coulson said in Iron Man. What? You forgot? Let me refresh your memory: Coulson told Pepper Potts in Iron Man than you think he’s the only superhero? Of course folks only thought he was referring to Captain America or backhandedly to the Hulk, but what if it was to Carol Danvers too?

Thanks for the support and for reading once again folks! A week like this makes me realize what’s important to me and this venture started out as venting to assuage the crazy in my mind. Now it has evolved and I have y’all to thank. So Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing! Check out some CBU quick shot reviews from yours truly here.

Daryll Benjamin
Daryll Benjamin

Blerd. Irritant. Blogger. Podcaster at Daryll was a quiet, insecure person for years, then an incident blew Daryll’s mind to the point where he couldn’t keep it inside anymore. Now that the rage is released, EVERYONE will receive his words. 

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