Afronerd: Grindhouse – 8.5.17 Episode (podcast)

Greetings, Konichiwa with a side order of cornbread and greens, people! It’s another Grindhouse installment that aired Saturday at 6pm Eastern. Listen to your favorite podcast ‘Rough Riders’ (Capt. Kirk, Claire Lanay, the Uncanny Daryll B. and Dburt) as they utilize their power rings to decode the following pop/pulp topics: the race-bending of a character can cause controversy and it appears to start at the top of Zazie Beetz‘ (Domino) Afro; Stephen King’s Dark Tower premieres and underwhelms; Detroit appears to be having the opposite reaction with high praise and Rotten Tomatoes approval; the Game of Thrones servers were recently hacked allowing the release of scripts and HBO employees personal data as well as other HBO TV series info (oh and a GOT episode was leaked as well allegedly not part of the hack); director/actor, Mario Van Peebles (New Jack City) has a new Syfy supernatural series entitled, Superstition slated for a Fall ’17 release; and in non cinematic genre news , hip hop artists, Andre 3000 causes a hullabaloo by stating that he doesn’t want to be a rapper at age 50 (but Mick Jagger albeit not a rapper is still going strong at 74); The CWs Legends of Tomorrow not only has a strong Vixen arc (think Wakanda light) but the writers are campaigning for a Constantine appearance; Bruce Willis channels Charles Bronson and The Punisher with the release of the Death Wish trailer on the Internets; Dburt loses it by finding out that Prince could have been in Luke Cage as David Bowie was also offered a part in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (damn, damn, damn); comic writer, Jonathan Hickman confirms what we already knew about the FF and lastly, Ta-Nehisi Coates weighs in on the Confederate debate. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.


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Source: Domino’s Afro; Dark Tower/Detroit Debuts; GOT Hack-TheGrind at 6pm EST 08/05 by dburt aka Afronerd | Pop Culture Podcasts


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