One Man /// Riot #5: Brand Rehab – The Legion of Super-Heroes

One Man /// Riot is a CBU column by Daryll Benjamin. In this episode he once again applies his personal brand rehab, this time to the seldom published, cult-favorite, far-flung future teenage heroes of DC’s Legion. Plus other thoughts.

Legion - Alan Davis
This classic image was drawn by the GAWD, Alan Davis!

Welcome to another edition of Daryll Brand Rehab! Last edition I tackled the Fantastic Four and did the franchise all across the comics and movies. This time, I’m taking a close to 60 year old comic property and going to make it palatable for today’s audiences. This is another one near and dear to my heart as it is one of the properties that made me the geek I am. So spotlight on! Lift the curtain as I present to you: The Legion of Super-Heroes!

The Teen Super-Hero Team from the Future of the 30th Century first appeared in the Superboy helmed Adventure Comics in 1958 and have been tightly associated with Young Kal-El mostly since that time. Its members are numerous and come from the Galactic Planets (the universal government of the future) with familiar names like Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Cosmic Boy, Brainiac Five, Karate Kid , Phantom Girl ,etc.

Sure, during these odd 60 years there have been some multimedia crossovers. The Legion of SuperHeroes have been in a Smallville story arc and have had symbols/flight rings appear in current CW live action shows Legends of Tomorrow & Supergirl.  The team has been alluded to in DC Animated projects from Superman to Justice League United and even had their own animated series in 2006-07. So what’s the problem?

Too often I hear from other comic fans that they just don’t “get” The Legion. They’re just too “goody-goody”. There’s too much history for them to get involved into. And I guess DC hears the same thing because whenever the team is reintroduced (like in the current Bat-Universe), they try to tie the team to the 20th/21st Century.


Please allow me to reintroduce . . .


Written by Rick Remender & Drawn by Sara Pichelli

The team is from the future. Any interactions The Legion would have with the past would change their future. Yes, I’m going full Butterfly Effect theory on this one. So at least for the first 18 months of the book, I would have Remender go crazy in his weird science imagination creating the 30th Century. Pichelli, from her run on the Miles Morales-starring Spider-Man book, is a pro at capturing teenagers and is great with action scenes. These 18-20 issues would be total foundation-laying similar to what Tom Peyer and Mark Waid did in the 90’s. I’d give Remender leeway to create new characters and plot paths, but staples of the team like enemies Fatal Five & Mordru are givens. And I wouldn’t put limits on the team size either. As long as R & P could handle it, let’s make the team as big as they want.

Remender and Pichelli

Now on the multimedia side, I REALLY didn’t like the animation of their series. Why? I already got spoiled by seeing the episode of JLU and how Brainiac Five and Bouncing Boy were drawn in that style. SO I would enlist Paul Dini and Bruce Timm to work their magic on the team once again, a la Gods and Monsters, for a Legion of Super Heroes animated film along with 3-5 minute YouTube vignettes spotlighting the characters. I would ask that the team start out with a core 7-10 members to keep it tidy, but who am I to tell Timm & Dini what to do? I mean, I could be greedy and go Guardians of the Galaxy with it to try and get a live action film, but I want to build up the team’s profile first and make connections so they would be breakout stars.

Thus ends another Brand Rehab! Thanks For Reading! You got a comic brand that you would like my crazy mind to take a crack at? I’m on Facebook and Twitter by my name. Drop on by with your passion and I will see what I can do to help.

Some Quick Thoughts

It has taken me a month or two and I understand why David Walker did what he did to Nighthawk but I am not lying, I bonded with him in the short time I read him. I now understand the appeal of Punisher type characters to folks my age.

Still buzzing over the Avengers: Infinity War “sneak peek” I got. Thor crashing onto galactic windshields; Thanos tossing moons; Beaded Captain America along with Winter Soldier in front of Wakandan forces. Dudes and Dudettes this movie is going to be a 13 year-old Daryll’s wet dream!

I know what DC is trying to do with the Metal event (and all those who say I complain about DC trying to Batman everything can shush now BTW) and it once again will be a good kick off to the Hawks. Question is, can DC stop f’n with Carter/Katar/Shiera now and give them 2 years of steady story continuity to establish themselves?

I know also that I should be happy with the Mister Terrific-helmed The Terrifics book (coming soon) where he leads Plastic Man, Phantom Girl and Metamorpho in a Fantastic Four analogue. However a) it’s a FF analogue and b) DC has really shown Michael Holt LOTS of support in the past. Sarcasm fully intended, BTW.

This past Wednesday Noble #4 came out and I have to say Catalyst Prime has give us everything they’ve promised. Now can the momentum keep growing with the subsequent series? Accell is doing fine but man, Superb has popped! That book looks to be the one to continue the pace.

Random TV Thought: Everything that LGBTQ folks wanted from Supergirl, I hope they realize that they have been getting it from Wynonna Earp . . . just saying!

I’m trying to stay positive folks. I really am, but when I see things like #MakeMineMilkshake having to be created as a positive? I’m reminded of how shallow and dumb I used to be regarding women in comics and how sorry I am that I can never make up for that.

That’s all for now. Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!

Daryll Benjamin
Daryll Benjamin

Blerd. Irritant. Blogger. Podcaster at Daryll was a quiet, insecure person for years, then an incident blew Daryll’s mind to the point where he couldn’t keep it inside anymore. Now that the rage is released, EVERYONE will receive his words.

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