One Man /// Riot #6 + Quick Shot Reviews

This combo episode of the One Man /// Riot column and the latest batch of Quick Shot Reviews is by Daryll Benjamin and he’s had a rough week . . .

JSBE6431I’m an idiot to believe that I could get through a week without malice and greed affecting my comics/fantasy love. Cue up this week’s Disney news about forming their own streaming service. Now that isn’t what got me pissed because, let’s face it, The Mouse has so much content we thought it would have long have happened already. The “let’s see how Daryll’s head explodes” part is that they emphasized that they would be removing all their movie (Disney AND Marvel) content from Netflix. Man. I thought you two companies were boys? SO I guess (hope) this doesn’t affect the “Street Wise Heroes” series deal . . .

A day prior to this however, Netflix made the deal to buy Mark Millar’s MillarWorld properties. SO either they knew this was coming and made the move OR Disney was petty enough to see they make the move and take their ball and go home. *Sigh*

**Update** As I put the finishing touches on this one, Netflix just locked up Shondra Rhimes away from ABC too! The war with Disney is on!


A shining light for Disney however is a very well done pilot for DuckTales that premiered this past weekend. I still have a fondness for the old series animation wise BUT the writing and comedy on this update is top notch!

Props to Orphan Black for once again cutting my heart out with the last two episodes. Friends and allies dead, funeral scene had me bawling out loud and we’re not even at the grand finale yet!

**Update** The Finale for Orphan Black aired this past Saturday and yes, Daryll is an emotional wreck. Damn these well-done Science Fiction shows!

A connected aside: I love sci-fi TV for one common trait. That feeling you get when you see quality actors/actresses crossing over loved properties, doing varied roles. Sci-Fi TV at that point feels like the largest acting troupe/company of all time. An awesome feeling I must say.

Quick Shot Reviews


New Super-Man #14 by Gene Luen Yang, Billy Tan, Karo & Hi-Fi – After the assault by Emperor SuperMan and his forces, Kenan and the JL of China try to get themselves together. Easier said than done as insecurities appear as difficulties. Time to rush the castle kiddos so there’s no room for this.

Scooby Apocalypse #16 by Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis, Ron Wagner, Andy Owens & Hi-Fi; 2nd Story by Giffen, DeMatteis, Howard Porter & Hi-Fi – We got Fred, Daisy & Cliffy trying to survive against a feral member of Scrappy’s pack. A mile away we got the rest of the gang with Scrappy vs a HUGE mutant colossus. Can he keep his anger at Scooby in check long enough to work with them? In the backup story, Secret Squirrel returns in a whodunnit and my geeky self squealed. (keeping it 100!)

Titans #14 by Dan Abnett, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund & Andrew Dalhouse – If you have been a longtime Titans/Teen Titans reader (especially during the 90’s) you have seen this storyline before. Now with that warning out of the way, the highlight of this one is the first real spotlight on Garth since this series started.

Captain America #25 by Nick Spencer, Jesus Saiz, Joe Bennett, Joe Pimental & Rachelle Rosenberg – Playfully called Secret Empire 7.5 by Spencer, the book lives up to that billing as it shows you the complete HydraCap and SamCap speeches. It also shows you the machinations by Namor, Carol, Peter, Strange, T’Challa & Sam and how each succeeds/fails. To Be Continued indeed . . .

Defenders #4 by Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez & Justin Ponsor – While Iron Fist lay broken, it’s Jessica Jones vs Diamondback with no punches pulled. Meanwhile, Bendis pulls his streetwise book universes together as a couple of scenes from another book he writes bleeds into this one. Specifically revolving around Hammerhead.

Hulk #9 by Mariko Tamaki, Julian Lopez, Francesco Gaston & Matt Milla – The race is on to save her client who has been changed into a gamma monster. Jennifer puts on her detective hat while she has the returning Patsy as her “Oracle”. But this a Hulk book so in order to beat a gamma monster, you have to become one.

Ms. Marvel #21 by G. Willow Wilson, Marco Failla & Ian Herring Kamala is up against it as family is threatened, she’s cornered and her enemies seem way too familiar. A test of body and soul as we find out a few secrets as to what Kamala holds dear. As yet another too close to the headlines tale is spun.

Secret Empire #8 by Nick Spencer, Daniel Acuna, Rod Reid, Sean Izaakse & Java Tartaglia – Hopefully, you folks read Cap #25 before this as it is last gasp gambit time. A three pronged assault in space, New York and a huge Inhuman prison. A partial crossover with Secret Warriors #5 on that last part. So SamCap steps up while two empires have fallen to Hydra, another leader reveals that he has a pretty big ace in the hole….

Secret Warriors #5 by Matthew Rosenberg, Javier Garron & Israel Silva features the team moments after the Hydra Helicarrier plunged last issue. Several plot points like the kid and who killed Coulson get advanced this issue. And of course Karnak places himself firmly in the master manipulator category.

Accell #3 by Joe Casey, Damion Scott, Robert Campanella, Sigmund Torre & MOSH STUDIOS – When we left our pseudo hero, Daniel was being chased through the desert and several planes of existence by a dust storm spirit. Once again, this story/art is tailor made for Flash and speedster fans who love to get into the physics and absurdity of fast heroes. A total head trip and a respite from more “serious” hero fare.

And that’s it folks. Thanks For Reading All. Stay Safe & Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!

Daryll Benjamin
Daryll Benjamin

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