A Legion of Speculation

8650349657_8fedae7d34_b– A speculation report by Michael Tennant

Half of what we do is speculate. We read solicitations and speculate where a story may be going. Look at rumors and announcements and try to speculate what is coming up next.

Sometimes all it takes for rampant speculation is a tweet about a lunch between DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee and comic writer Jonathan Hickman.

From Jim Lee’s Twitter Page:

“Having lunch w/ @JHickman at the WB commissary. World domination plans on hold as we to the temptation of #avocadotoast #dccomics”

And we are off.

Next thing you know Hickman is doing a book at DC. It’s the long awaited return of the Legion of Super-Heroes (Hickman is reportedly a big fan). Wait, is he taking over writing Justice League from writer/sometimes artist Bryan Hitch? Then again, maybe it was just some avocado toast.

This is not the only news that sets off my Legion radar.

Writer Sam Humphries announced this week that his run on Green Lanterns will come to an end with issue #32.

From Humphries Twitter:

“HEY y’all – so the news is I am leaving GREEN LANTERNS. DC offered me an amazing opportunity. I couldn’t say no. But…I can’t do both”

Why might this involve the Legion? Humphries did write the recent Legion of Super-Heroes/Bugs Bunny special. That issue could have been a simple tryout to see if he had a feel for the characters. Could be nothing, but there are dots to connect.

But wait, there’s is more!

Legion1[3738]At the end of July artist Patrick Zircher (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, Action Comics) spent a good chunk of a day talking about the Legion on Twitter.

From his Twitter:

“I’m just going to talk about the Legion of Superheroes until it happens”

Several other creators chimed in including writer Fabian Nicieza. It seems like everyone has the Legion on the brain these days.

In yet another development that could be tied to the Legion, artist Olivier Coipel showed up in the November solicits for DC Comics. He is credited for doing a number of covers across various DC books. Many know Coipel from his various work at Marvel, most recently the Unworthy Thor series. I on the other hand first came across him in the fantastic Legion Lost miniseries — no not the New 52 series, but the original from 2000 written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. He cut his teeth on the Legion so would a return home be out of the question?

Legion2 (2)[3739]

So many things going on suggesting that something is happening with the Legion. DC did involve them in the first Rebirth special promising that they would be back. Just not when.

So does any of this suggest that the time for the Legion is soon. Maybe. That is all I have, Maybe.

But the dream is alive.

Long Live the Legion.

Michael Tennant
Michael Tennant

After discovering Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes #239 as a young man, Michael never looked back. Armed with a passion for journalism and a thirst for knowledge, he still talks to his imaginary friends. Read his column The Graphic Principle.

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