Super Sons is a Super Solid Series So Far

– Commentary by Michael Tennant –

I was not looking for a new comic to love. Sometimes they just find you.

Damian Wayne has never been my favorite Robin. The new Superboy, Jonathan Kent, is still unfamiliar. Putting them together does not seem like it would pull me in. Yet here I am. The book is so good. So very good that it cannot be ignored any longer.SuperSons2.png

Peter J. Tomasi has written a series that is flat out fun. That is why we come to comics to be entertained, right?  Tomasi frankly is one of DC Comics best, if underrated writers. He has found just the right balance between Damian’s snark and Jon’s optimism. Too a point they are their fathers, Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. Damian is the dangerous bad-boy while Jon is, well, the boy scout.

SuperSons3This is a counterpoint to the previous Robin-Superboy friendship. Connor Kent (hopefully he returns at some point) was the clone, bad boy version of Superman coming right out of the Death of Superman. Tim Drake was the Robin who knew Batman needed a Robin after the death of Jason Todd. Tim was the good soldier, responsible leader while Connor often was a hothead. The roles have reversed in this new series and it works so well. They fight and bicker as you might expect with Damian acting like he does not care about Jon, which only goes to show how much he truly does.

This book would not be nearly as good without Jorge Jimenez on art. He is outstanding. I first discovered his work at the tail end of the New52 Superboy book and he improves with every issue. While I did not like the costume designs by Jonboy Meyers, somehow Jimenez makes it work. Robin is arrogant and condescending with every glare. His Superboy looks like he is jumping off the page. Simple page designs make me jealous. I cannot wait to see the next issue to see what line work amazes me next.


Together Tomasi and Jimenez have found something. From meeting Lex Luthor to battling their very own villain Kid Amazon to facing the judgement of their fathers, this pairing is hitting on all cylinders. In the most recent issue Jon meets Damian’s version of the Teen Titans. If that was not enough, Tomasi stepped into the way-back machine to bring a wonderful updated version of the Forgotten Villains.

I have no idea where this creative team plans to take them next, but I will be along for the ride.

Michael Tennant
Michael Tennant discovered Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes #239 as a young man and he never looked back. Armed with a passion for journalism and a thirst for knowledge, he still talks to his imaginary friends. Read his column The Graphic Principle. S Follow him @mtennant71

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