Out of the Package – Wave 2: Shiny New Things

Out of the Package is a CBU column by Joe Gardner, in which he takes us into the toy aisle to discover the best in geek culture collectibles.

Greetings! I return with tales of new collectibles that have caught my eye. These are some shiny new things that I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection.


First up is the new line of Marvel Knights series of figures in the Marvel Legends line. Already on the shelves, this line mostly features characters from the various Marvel Netflix series, such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Elektra, and Punisher. Rounding out the line are Blade and Bullseye. Each figure comes with a build-a-figure piece that culminates into a Man-Thing figure. Now, the Marvel Legends line is one I don’t typically go after until they’ve hit the clearance bins, and this series won’t be any different. The reason why the Marvel Knights have caught my eye is that it makes me wonder if we might be glimpsing a couple of future additions to Marvel Netflix. Bullseye is almost a lock to appear in an upcoming season of Daredevil. You almost can’t do Daredevil without Bullseye. And ever since Marvel reacquired the license to Blade, there has been speculation as to where he would pop up. Personally, I think he would work great as a Netflix series. And with the Netflix shows going a little more mystic with this year’s Iron Fist and what I’ve seen of Defenders (only 2 ½ episodes), the introduction of vampires and Blade just might work. And speaking of mystic, Man-Thing . . . c’mon Marvel!

Next are some new offerings from Quantum Mechanix and their Q-fig line. I really like this line of stylized figures. I only have a handful of them, but I would certainly like to add more. Like the ever-elusive, oversized Aquaman riding on Cthulu! But I digress. The newest pieces from QMx are a duo of deluxe Q-figs. First, we have Wonder Woman on horseback, with her sword drawn and ready to take down any threat ahead of her. And then there’s the Star-Lord FX diorama, with jetpack ablaze (it lights up!) and blasters ready, all while classic rock music is likely blaring through his headpiece. These, and other QMx merch, are available now on their website, www.qmxonline.com.

This next batch of goodies comes from Kotobukiya’s ArtFX line. While I wouldn’t mind adding these to my other ArtFX, this entry is more because I know of a few fans of this duo here in the CBU Collective. Coming soon are the Super Sons and their super pets! First up is the son of Superman, Jonathon Kent aka Superboy. He is paired with Krypto the super dog. Joining him is the son of Batman, Damian Wayne aka Robin. He is paired with Ace the Bat-hound. Both are done in the usual quality that Kotobukiya is known for, with excellent sculpting and design. Both are expected in the first quarter of 2018.

Finally, because you know I couldn’t go without mentioning them, there are some new Funko coming our way. They recently announced a second wave of DC Comics Dorbz, featuring Superman, Supergirl, Hawkman, and others. But most importantly, there will be a new comic style Aquaman Dorbz. Because, again, I can NEVER have too many Aquaman things! But the new line announcement that has me drooling like Homer Simpson dreaming of donuts, the main reason I wrote this column, is none other than a Hellboy line of POPS. Those who know me, know I loves me some Hellboy. I literally squealed when I read about them. My buddy, G, and I were just talking Hellboy the other day. We get Hellboy, Liz Sherman, Abe Sapien, Rasputin, Lobster Johnson and Nimue the Queen of Blood. The chase figure will be Hellboy with fully grown horns. Both the Hellboy line and DC Dorbz will be available later this year. CHRISTMAS IDEAS!



Some recent acquisitions I have made are the SDCC exclusive Funko POP of Bucky as Captain America. I was somewhat disappointed that he was just a repaint of the original Cap. Also, my mom was kind enough to purchase an Andrew Luck POP for me. He comes with a neckbeard and removable helmet. And I have a bad feeling that he’s going to see more action than the real Andrew Luck this season.

That’s all for this round. Until next time, you’ll find me in the toy aisle.

Note: All the pictures that aren’t my own, I grabbed from www.bigbadtoystore.com, www.funko.com, and www.qmxonline.com.

Joe Gardner
Joe Gardner is a geek. ‘Nuff said. Maybe a couple more tidbits? M’kay: his hair growth rivals Wolverine’s. Oh, and he has quite the mancrush on Aquaman. 

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