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 – by Daryll Benjamin –


Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur 22 by Brandon Montclare, Natacha Bustos & Tamra Bonvillain sees Lunella pull a rabbit out of her hat in regards to Illa, the Gal Moon and her father Ego, The Living Planet. Not spoiling but this once again shows how ingenious Lunella is. However, the storyline that has got me interested is Doom-Head, trying to deal with a rebellious Moonbot-7. Folks who have seen the 2nd episode of Rick & Morty this season might catch on to the meaning right away.


Incidentals 1 by Ramon Govea, Joe Casey, Larry Stroman, Rob Stull & Snakebite Cortez – We have seen through Accell and Superb that the comet has affected individuals on Earth, gifting/cursing them with powers. Well, what if a bunch of them got together on their own? Would their purposes be selfless or would there be more sinister motives? This is the world of Incidentals and be prepared because Casey/Stroman drops the reader in the midst of chaos. You have been warned.

Black Panther 17 by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Chris Sprouse, Dexter Vines, Karl Story, Laura Martin & Andrew Crossley shows us that a couple of Wakanda’s bordering territories have also been suffering under the “deity” invasion. As trust and faith wanes, T’Challa gathers forces for a strike at the heart of the infection to head off an invasion. Suffice to say, no one will be prepared for the effects from all quarters.

Star Wars 35 by Jason Aaron, Salvador Larroca & Edgar Delgado – Spotlight transfers over to Han Solo and Chewbacca as the master smugglers are tasked with transporting a special prisoner past the Empire to a safe house on the far side of the galaxy. Yeah. Special. Grakkus The Hutt. So you know that Han is REALLLL pleased about this one. A Hutt on The Falcon? Yep. There will sparks literally and figuratively.

Faith & The Future Force 2 by Jody Houser, Barry Kitson, Diego Bernard, Juan Castro & Ulises Arreola – Ok. After the failures from last issue, Neela and Ank have decided to not just recruit Faith but the full team of Renegades to corral and stop Do-Bot. We witness events sync up to the moments in the beginning of the series and, yes, we do have a bit of carnage. However, I’m still trying to figure out who created this thing and how, in my mind, Neela hasn’t thought of the simplest solution here.

Secret Empire 9 by Nick Spencer, Leinil Francis Yu, Rod Reis, Joe Bennett, Gerry Alanguilan, Joe Pimentel, Sunny Gho & Dono Sanchez-Almara – We are approaching the endgame. The heroes have been gathered and released. Time for one last gasp attack on Supreme Hydra Rogers and the Hydra Occupation. However, let it never be said that Hydra/Rogers don’t have an ace or two up their sleeves. And don’t mind me as I do a victory dance for guessing right about where “other” Steve has been all along.

Secret Empire 10 by Nick Spencer, Steve McNiven, Rod Reis, David Marquez, Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco, Jesus Aburtov, Ron Lim, Jay Leisten & Matthew Wilson – The Finale. HydraCap vs Everyone! Everything is at stake. I still have unanswered questions regarding this but credit to Spencer that he got to tell his tale AND plausibly set up the Generations books. The big thing about this is that the fallout will determine in the long run how “successful/good” this story was. I enjoyed it all in all as a Captain America fan and I guess I should share why to everyone.


*** Follow this thought with me a sec: a black man who’s always been the sidekick, gets the spotlight, now has the full weight of the responsibility totally on him. Confident at first, thinking he’s doing well, gets first crisis where doubt starts to seep in. Instinctively, he falls back to community for support. Finds that he now has enemies from all quarters. What do you do?

This oversimplification is where Sam Wilson was & unfortunately what a lot of cops/authority figures who are black have to go through. Distrust & hate finding a balance between your “tribe” (community) and your “role” (job). I felt a kinship to this part of the story: that the sudden outsider now has to try to live up to his role while not being appreciated/supported. ***

This is the explanation I gave to followers, friends and enemies, over 5 tweets, on Twitter when the subject came up. Reading the Secret Empire finale and comparing it to the history of Steve Rogers/Captain America/Sam Wilson that I know, I feel validated in my support of what Nick Spencer has done through the 3 books that were the core of this: Captain America: Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers-Captain America & Secret Empire. Folks are going to hear what they want to hear after all, but I maintained that this story has been told time and time again involving Captain America.

To each their own. I liked it. Some hated it. Oh well. Anyway Thx For Reading. Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!

Daryll Benjamin
Blerd. Irritant. Blogger. Podcaster at afronerd.com Daryll Benjamin was a quiet, insecure person for years, then an incident blew Daryll’s mind to the point where he couldn’t keep it inside anymore. Now that the rage is released, EVERYONE will receive his words. Read Daryll’s CBU Column: One Man /// Riot

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