Still Waiting for the Next Brubaker/Epting Project

Brandon Rucker speculates –


So a week or so ago on August 25th, veteran comics artist Steve Epting posted an image on Twitter with the caption: “Inks for a new project”. Naturally, it set off my Spidey-senses, leading me to speculate whether or not this secret new project was the still yet-to-be-announced next creator-owned comics project to originate from he and co-creator/writer Ed Brubaker (the author extraordinaire of such series as Kill or Be Killed, Criminal, The Fade Out and Velvet — all from Image Comics). If you’ll remember, Mr. Epting and Mr. Brubaker had last worked together on the awesome spy comic series (and favorite of this fan) Velvet from 2013 to 2016. Side note: prior to that the two gentlemen worked on the Captain America: The Winter Soldier saga for Marvel, a series of stories that helped inspire the movie of the same name. But I digress.


Velvet was such a phenomenal series on which Brubaker and Epting clicked so well, and after fifteen very good-to-great issues, the series came to a premature close, but only temporarily. Per Brubaker from his newsletter last summer, dated June 15, 2016, he said:

And no, that doesn’t mean VELVET is over. In fact, there’s lots of huge VELVET news I’ve been sitting on that I can’t wait to be able to talk about. VELVET will return.

From the Desk of Ed Brubaker newsletter.

But in a paragraph preceding that statement, Brubaker also dropped this nugget:

I’m just starting the script for our next project (still top secret) and it’s a huge weight off to be at the beginning of something brand new, and I’m excited to be giving Steve a chance to draw something unlike anything on the stands right now. More on that in a few newsletters down the line, when there’s something official to announce.

– From the Desk of Ed Brubaker newsletter.

Now, mind you, my memory doesn’t always stick the landing, so to speak, but this was a detail that embedded itself withing my long-term memory as I’ve been waiting with high anticipation for the next Brubaker and Epting project — heck, if only so they can get that out of their system and finally return to Velvet. Thus, my immediate speculation once I saw that mysterious image show up.

My reaction even prompted a response from Mr. Epting himself. Make of it what you will as you read my brief Twitter exchange with him below.

My guess is I’m on to something here, but obviously Mr. Epting can, as I said neither confirm nor deny it. But if I was to speculate further, I’d say these three things:

  1. It looks like it could be a wartime kind of story . . .
  2. Brubaker and Epting have a nice headstart on it . . .
  3. It likely won’t be announced until maybe early 2018 . . .

Only time can prove whether I’m a prophet of comic book things to come, or just another fanboy with a penchant for rampant speculation.

Or both.

The CBU’s executive editor Brandon Rucker is a former comics retailer during the boom-and-bust 1990s. Brandon is also a published author of short fiction and a former fiction editor. In the Summer of 2011 he was one of the three co-founders of a social media group of comics geeks. In 2014 this special collective needed a new name, so he suggested The Comic Book Underground and it stuck.

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