Dark Matter: Top Ten Episodes

– by Daryll Benjamin – 

Dark Matter malady relief begins now with me doing a personal top ten episodes as part of my catharsis. First, let me get the standard information out of the way: Dark Matter is about 6 people who wake up on a spaceship, The Raza, with no recollection of who they are, which includes names and an android, or how they got there. Over the course of the first two seasons, bonds will form, but will their pasts and reputations come back to help/haunt them or destroy the team?


Dark Matter

Created by: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie

Cast: Jodelle Ferland as Five, Anthony Lemke as Three, Zoie Palmer as The Android, Roger R. Cross as Six, Melissa O’Neil as Two, Alex Mallari Jr. as Four, Marc Bendavid as One

Honorable Mentions:

Season 2 Episode 9 “Going Out Fighting”: Two’s nannies are failing and the crew has to get more;

Season 2 Episode 11 “Wish I Spaced you When i Had The Chance”: Three hurt, but has to rescue Five while they are being tracked by Galactic Authority;

Season 3 Episode 11 “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”: The Android’s memories lead to an outpost where we meet more “Twos” and oh yeah, ALIENS.

Dark Matter - Season 1

Now I shall begin the countdown:

10. Season 3, Episode 4 “All The Time In The World”: Three continues to relive the same period of time over and over and over and over again. During which The Raza has a pretty big problem. Why I love it: Seeing Three, man of action, have use deductive reasoning through trial and error, A LOT of trial and error, to get out of this was fun for the blerd in me who’s a sucker for Groundhog Day type stories.

9. Season 2, Episode 1 “Welcome To Your New Home”: After the Season 1 cliffhanger, the team is in an intergalactic prison. Six and One come face to face with the truth of their past lives. Nyx (Melanie Liburd) is introduced. And dominoes are tipped with grave tidings for future episodes. Why I love it: The mere question of nature vs nurture or “who are these people are really” is a running theme throughout the show. No better test of that than being jailed up.

8. Season 1, Episode 1-2: Pretty much explained in my opening description BUT throw in a mining colony that needs help and a tense governing climate. Should I mention that said governing body knows EXACTLY who the crew of The Raza is? Why I love it: Ground floor. Cue chaos and confusion.

7. Season 1, Episode 8: After a lot of emotional turmoil and crazy situations, the crew goes to a station for rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, for Six, his past connections aren’t going to allow this and One learns a bit about himself. Why I love it: To this point, Six and One are the moral compasses of the team. This episode throws that morality into confusion and the audience is left wondering if they can be sure of anything they have seen to this point.

6. Season 2, Episode 12 “Sometimes in Life You Don’t Get to Choose”: Four decides that he has had enough and returns to his home planet to take his rightful place/title. Why I love it: I’m a dude that loves when breadcrumbs left all through a show leads to a fruitful payoff. This is one of those times.

5. Season 2, Episode 13 “But First We Save The Galaxy”: After seeing an alternative future, the team tries to head off the disaster that caused it. However, a betrayal most foul and an unexpected death (to me at least) kill those plans real quick and a “WTF?” cliffhanger. Why I love it: Five gets a lot of growth here as she’s placed in a no win situation. And Four’s sister Misaki (Ellen Wong) goes from endearing to badass in two steps…

4. Season 3, Episode 13 “Nowhere To Go”: Most of the series subplots come crashing together as The Raza and Ishida combine forces to take on Ferrous Corporation’s forces to try and cede off their plans of universal domination. However, other forces seek to take advantage of this for their own advantage. Why I love/loathe it: Loathe because this may be the last show (#RenewDarkMatter #TeamRaza) leaving off on a HUGE cliffhanger. Love, because the insanity of this whole show was glorious.

3. Season 2, Episode 8 “Stuff to Steal, People to Kill”: The team tests out the blink drive and gets transported to that alternative universe and gets to meet their other selves… well some of their other selves. Why I love it: Again, I’m a sucker for “Mirror Universe” stories and meeting your own dark selves. In addition, we viewers didn’t know it then but the foundations laid here, for Two, Three and The Android specifically, drive the series for most of Season Three.

2. Season 2, Episode 5 “We Voted Not to Space You”: Spotlight on The Android as the team goes to take out a lasting thorn in their side stemming from the prison stint. Revenge is never easy ESPECIALLY when it wears a familiar face. Why I love it: Probably the first episode where we see that this Raza Crew is more than a team of strangers now and that realization is the first sign of its imminent demise…

1. Season 1, Episode 12: Talbor Calchek (David Hewlett) sends the team to rescue/reclaim a scientist being held against his will. However, for Two especially, this operation will have much more ramifications. Why I Love This Episode The Best: Let’s see: in this episode we got the blink drive, hints to the aliens, dissention in the ranks, Wil Wheaton, Two showing all phases of her character, and the first signs of where Four is prepared to go to succeed. This episode would be the one I’d show folks to explain why I love Dark Matter.

Thanks For Reading. For those of us #RazaCrew this is food for debate. For newbies who are intrigued to watch the show, all three seasons can be found on Netflix and SYFY.com. For everyone, remember #RenewDarkMatter on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. I really want this diverse science fiction epic to get a final season or at least a worthy finale.

Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!

Daryll Benjamin
Blerd. Irritant. Blogger. Podcaster at afronerd.com Daryll Benjamin was a quiet, insecure person for years, then an incident blew Daryll’s mind to the point where he couldn’t keep it inside anymore. Now that the rage is released, EVERYONE will receive his words. Read Daryll’s CBU Column: One Man /// Riot

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