CBU Quick Shot Reviews: The End of September Books

– by Daryll Benjamin –


America 6 by Gabby Rivera, Kelly Thompson, Ramon Villalobos, Walden Wong & Tamra Bonvillain – We get the mystery of the “older” America explained as Ms Chavez and her friend Magdelena have to fight one another. Seems the Midas Corporation has a benefactor that’s got a very personal interest in all things America. Also, it cool to see the Nameless Ones in corporate suits. Then in America 7 by Rivera, Jen Bartel, Annie Wu, Ming Doyle, Aud Koch, Joe Quinones, Joe Rivera, Rachelle Rosenberg & Jordan Gibson, the Chavez Family history, along with her home planet, is revealed as America talks to her abuela.

Deathstroke 23 by Christopher Priest, Diogenes Neves, Jeromy Cox & Jason Paz – The team continues to bond, kind of, as Slade puts them through their paces vs a very familiar enemy. Then in Deathstroke 24 by Priest, Neves, Cox, Trevor Scott & Paz, We get a team framework insight through the mess ups of Wally West. But the last few pages line up a serious threat for the Defiance team straight out of Slade’s past.

Black Bolt 5 by Saladin Ahmed, Frazer Irving & Christian Ward – A boy and his dog. A tale of forever bonds and friendship. This goes for Black Bolt and Lockjaw. You had to know that eventually Lockjaw would look for/find him. Then in Black Bolt 6 by Ahmed & Ward, the final confrontation with The Jailer and one of the inmates makes the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

d225f43daf82b8b66e275a4fa3c3cd7c_xlSuperb 3 by Sheena C. Howard, David F. Walker, Ray-Anthony Height, Alitha Martinez, LeBeau L. Underwood, Robin Riggs, Veronica Gandini & SOTOCOLOR – There’s only so long under the heat of discovery that one can hide their true nature. That goes for those with big secrets or those who are trying to hide super abilities. Kayla and Jonah are on the cusp of having their lives blown WIDE open as Foresight ramps up its super beings search.

543362._SX360_QL80_TTD_Spider-Men II 3 by Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli & Justin Ponsor – The secret origin of the 616 Miles Morales is shown for the first time as it parallels another Marvel heavyweight. How’d he disappear? How did he amass power? Why do I care actually? Only reason I say that is there’s no Peter or Miles in here at all…

jul171094Ms. Marvel 22 by G. Willow Wilson, Marco Failla & Ian Herring – A final reckoning. A friendship possibly forever ruined. The end (as it were) of Kamala’s fight against the forces looking to boot her and others out of Jersey City. Highlight of this one for me, heroism runs deep in the Khan Family as we know, but just wait until you see who steps up this time.

Avengers 11 by Mark Waid, Mike Del Mundo & Marco D’Alfonso – The fallout from Secret Empire Continues as with Parker Industries closing, the Avengers have no funding. That however may pale in comparison to the fractures and friction in the team dynamic. Then in Avengers 672 by Waid and Jesus Saiz, the Champions return as the two teams must come together to head off a collision between Earth and another massive body. But is that really the threat?

Secret_Empire_Omega_Vol_1_1_TextlessSecret Empire Omega 1 by Nick Spencer, Andrea Sorrentino, Joe Bennett, Joe Pimentel, Scott Hanna & Rachelle Rosenberg – The aftermath of Hydra’s takeover is explored through vignettes throughout this one shot but there’s one central story: the “Good” Steve Rogers goes to visit the “Bad” Steve Rogers. Two sides of the same coin? Two repulsive magnets? Very interesting conversation between the two here.

backgroundHulk 10 by Mariko Tamaki, Julian Lopez, Francesco Gaston & Matt Milla – Where does the hero begin or the monster end? Maybe vice versa? Anyway, to stop Oliver from seriously hurting someone and getting him help, Jennifer succumbs to her other persona. Let’s get deep folks, as the emotional scars on her are laid fully bare here.

portrait_incredible1The Defenders 5 by Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez  & Justin Ponsor – Diamondback is making moves but as we started this issue, he’s in the back of a paddy wagon with Punisher. Meanwhile, I now get why Gary was trending with Twitter Marvel Fans over the past 2 weeks as this interplay between Iron Fist and Daredevil scores big time.

untitled1Mech Cadet Yu 2 by Greg Pak, Takeshi Miyazawa & Triona Farrell – So the giant mech chose Stanford and that’s going to make his life better right? Wrong. Here comes a whole new set of problems including battle training, repairs and a rival. Plus, how is he going to tell his mom?

tws-cv7-ds-1020485Wild Storm 7 by Warren Ellis, Jon Davis-Hunt & Steve Buccellato – Enter John Colt and Jacklyn King, two familiar names to longtime Wildstorm fans with new looks. The “ultimate” treatment continues as IO readies another action to retrieve Angela. Meanwhile, Cray’s solo mission is previewed here as he gets ready to take on a DC Universe mainstay. And the C.A.Ts are well the CATs as Marlowe returns.

STL056401Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows 11 by Ryan Stegman, Brian Level & Jesus Aburtov – Lil Normie Osborn makes his move and uses his forces to make 2 power plays: one on OsCorp and the other on the Spider Family. Desperation and anger starts to fuel Mary Jane as she wants payback. The next chapter of this family story starts to close now!

portrait_incredible2Luke Cage 5 by David F. Walker, Nelson Blake II & Marcio Menyz – All things come to a head here as true natures and alliances come to light. Luke Cage is stuck in the middle as the web of greed and lies starts to come crashing down. But how will he survive when everyone around him had an agenda?

Thanks For Reading. Part 2 will hit you in a few days.

Until Then, Keep fantasizing!

Daryll Benjamin
Blerd. Irritant. Blogger. Podcaster at afronerd.com Daryll Benjamin was a quiet, insecure person for years, then an incident blew Daryll’s mind to the point where he couldn’t keep it inside anymore. Now that the rage is released, EVERYONE will receive his words. 

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