Out of the Package: Wave 6 – Marvel Collector’s Corp Review – Thor: Ragnarok

– by Joe Gardner –

mccthor2Greetings, friends! As I write this, Sideshow Collectibles is running their week-long Spooktacular, and I am frantically trying to keep up with the giveaways and code postings. More on that towards the end of the column. Over the weekend I received the latest Funko sub box. This time it was the Marvel Collector Corp and the theme was for the latest installment of Thor: Ragnarok. To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed by this box, but that will happen from time to time. So, let’s get to it! And as always, SPOILERS AHEAD!

First out of the box, and probably part of why it was somewhat disappointing, is a handful of smaller items. We get the usual pin, this time of Hela. Then we have a deck of cards with Thor/Hulk artwork on the back. This is usable. Next is a set of magnets featuring Thor, Hulk, Loki, and Hela. And finally, we have . . . a fidget spinner. The daughter took the spinner, despite a previous proclamation of NEVER wanting a fidget spinner. In all, a “meh” group of items.

mccthor3Next out of the box is a beanie featuring the pattern displayed on Hulk’s gladiator helmet. And a large rubber/vinyl Hulk emblem. The beanie fits my head quite nicely, which is a change from other box beanies I’ve received. And it would be a great item, if not for the emblem. If it had been a patch, or not there at all, it would be much better. But still a decent item.

Next up is an exclusive Loki POP vinyl. This is an alternate version of the vinyl already released, the difference being that this one features Loki’s horned helmet. I am very happy with this inclusion, as this is our first Loki POP.

Finally, we have an exclusive Gladiator Thor POP vinyl. This sculpt presents Thor with his gladiator helmet, as we see in the “friend from work” scene in the trailer, as well as a battle mace and shield. Again, I am quite happy with this inclusion, because again, this is our first Thor POP.

mccthor6In all, a slightly underwhelming box. And judging by the internet chatter I’ve seen, I’m not alone in this thinking. I’ll wear the beanie, and I’m happy with POPS of characters we didn’t already have. But the rest will be quickly forgotten. The theme for December’s box is HULK, and I suspect Funko knew folks would be disappointed in this box, as they’ve already given a spoiler for the Hulk box. And it’s a good one! I’m very much looking forward to this one! If you’d like to see the spoiler, you can click here.


A couple of new finds. First find was a Martian Manhunter Funko POP vinyl. Good ole J’onn J’onnz as he appeared in the animated Justice League Unlimited series. He went on my radar as soon as he was announced, so I’m quite happy I found him.

mccthor8Second, I managed to snag a Moon Knight Marvel Legends figure at a pretty good discount. Another one that went on the radar when he was announced. He is featured in his costume from the Warren Ellis/Declan Shalvey run from a few years ago. And yes, he is out of the package.

mccthor9Earlier I mentioned that Sideshow Collectibles Spooktacular was happening this week. I believe this is their tenth year doing this, and it is my first year participating. Running from midnight October 23rd to 11:59 PM October 27th, this event is entirely online. The long and the short of it is that you need to follow ALL of Sideshow’s social media accounts and watch EVERY post for giveaways, trivia, codes, and whatever else they decide to throw out there. And this happens at all hours of the day. The codes will pop up in posts, e-mails, videos, and elsewhere, and they are good for discounts on items or reward dollars. At this point, I’ve collected $22 in rewards and numerous discount codes. And seeing as how I’m determined to acquire one of their products, you can bet I’m trying to keep up with it all. Click here to get more info.

Ugh, I’ve spent way too much time away from watching the Sideshow posts. Hopefully, I’ll have my next column in a few days.

Until next time, you’ll find me in the toy aisle.

Joe Gardner is a geek. ‘Nuff said. Maybe a couple more tidbits? M’kay: his hair growth rivals Wolverine’s. Oh, and he has quite the mancrush on Aquaman.

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