CBU Quick Shot Reviews: Superb, Champions and more!

– by Daryll Benjamin –

STL060377.jpg.square-true_maxheight-285_size-285Superb 4 by David F. Walker, Dr. Sheena C. Howard, Ray-Anthony Height, Eric Battle, LeBeau L Underwood, Robin Riggs, Veronica Gandini & SOTOCOLOR – The kids are revealed to Foresight as having powers and all hell breaks loose! With Great Power Comes Unexpected Consequences for not only them but their families. Who decides to step up willingly? Who will reluctantly? It easy to talk big when you have everything your way but what happens when your world is turned upside down? For those that are scared of “fantasy” books and want “reality”, this is probably the most realistic superhero book on the stands!

untitledMech Cadet Yu 3 by Greg Pak, Takeshi Miyazawa & Triona Farrell – Stanford was just getting settled into this new life too! Cue the alien attack, an over-protective mom, another forced competition with his rival and um, I did say alien attack right? Well, get ready for a confrontation close to home. A treat for mecha fans this book is….

untitled2Astro City 48 by Kurt Busiek, Mike Norton, Alex Ross, Peter Pantazis & Comicraft – G-dog’s story left off last issue one an omnious note that only gets louder this issue. Redemption, teamwork, and truth finding takes center stage as Andy goes back to where this crazy tale began to find answers. Busiek did it to me again as I have to once again fight back tears towards the end of this one….

untitled3Faith & The Future Force 4 by Jody Houser, Cary Nord, Brian Thies & Ulises Arreola – First off, kudos to the creative staff on a great duckblind on the cover. I went into this one thinking Faith was going to recruit the hero she was closest to in the world to save the day, This issue goes in a total 180 degree opposite way for a solution to the evil, time wrecking robot problem. Bravo. Just bravo!

portrait_incredibleMoon Girl & Devil Dinosaur 24 by Brandon Montclare, Natacha Bustos, Ray-Anthony Height, Dominike “Domo” Stanton, Michael Shelfer & Tamra Bonvillain – Lunella has to go on without Devil Dinosaur from this point forward. How will she cope? Well in this quartet of stories, she has to deal with Mojo & the X-Babies, Ghost Rider race on the NY East Side, Daredevil and tThe Hand, & finally going to 2 very familiar heroes in an effort to save the world. Yeah, being a hero is much more complicated than it seems…

552106._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Champions 13 by Mark Waid, Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba & Edgar Delgado – Counter Earth’s situation is causing huge tremors across Earth! The Avengers and Champions are forced to work together in teams to limit damage and save innocents. The question is can they put aside past emnities to do so? Meanwhile they also have to subdue Toro who would like nothing more than to grind them under his heel….

TNS_16_COV_COL_59656cfc20eff2.78470003Titans 16 by Dan Abnett, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund & Andrew Dalhouse – Wally West dead. Enter Wally West. Meanwhile, the Titans struggle against the combined forces of their entranced friends, an overpowered entranced Psimon and more. Finally, the mastermind of all their mishaps steps into the light and is anyone really ready for this reveal?

Black_Panther_Vol_1_166Black Panther 166 by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Leonard Kirk, Marc Deering & Laura Martin – Spotlight on Ulysses Klaw as the issue examines the past, motivations and manipulations of the major Panther villain. Just how much is he involved in the current upheaval within Wakanda & their allies? And what exactly is his grander plan?

The Wild Storm 8 coverThe Wild Storm 8 by Warren Ellis, Jon Davis-Hunt & Steve Buccellato – Marlowe comes clean to Angie about everything…or does he? The secret history of Kherans on Earth is laid bare. Meanwhile I.O. has finished their analysis of the rogue CATs situation and is beginning a course of action. BUT the major news of this issue is that Ellis brings in two of his fan favorite characters in an ultra weird re-introduction in the universe…

portrait_incredible2America 8 by Gabby Rivera, Joe Quinones, Joe Rivera & Jordan Gibson – The Exterminatrix makes her move on America by targeting Sotomayor University. Be prepared for the return of Prodigy and ‘Rica’s supporting cast as the new administration president makes a lot of rule changes. Specifically involving those students with super powers.

BSS_002_COVER-A_ROCAFORTBloodshot Salvation 2 by Jeff Lemire, Lewis LaRosa, Mico Suayan, Diego Rodriguez & Brian Reber – Garrison makes a big decision involving himself, Magic & Jesse that threatens their happy little family. The decision? He decides to go and face Magic’s Daddy face to face. Problem is that “Daddy” is a cult leader and yeah, this going to be creepy. Meanwhile in the future, Magic and Jesse face off vs Rampage, who appears to be an awful lot like Garrison in Bloodshot mode.

552296._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Secret Warriors 7 by Matthew Rosenberg, Juanan Ramirez & John Rauch – After the events of last issue, Quake advances her efforts to gain revenge on Deadpool for Coulson’s murder. Inferno seeks the help of Moon Girl & Ms. Marvel to regain Karnak’s child from the clutches of Dark Beast BUT neglects to tell them a very important thing. Speaking of Karnak, he’s setting up office at the Inhumans’ office and his interplay with Lunella continues to be a joy to read every week…

STL060374.jpg.square-true_maxheight-285_size-285Incidentals 3 by Joe Casey, Larry Stroman, Rob Stull & Snakebite Cortez – Marko continues his “recruitment” drive as Alex and Shannon continues to bond while considering his offer. This while Mayhew and his team tries to rescue the scared “power” named Delgado. Book continues to be more Corporation X than X-men and we get a look at where Casey would have taken his X-Men run if not for editorial interference.

61bx-PzwsyL._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_Green Lanterns Vol. 3: Polarity by Sam Humphries, Eduardo Pansica, Robson Rocha, Ronan Cliquet, Neil Edwards, Jay Leisten, Keith Champagne, Julio Ferreira, Tom Derenick, Miguel Mendonca, Scott Hanna, Daniel Henriques, Joe Prado, BLOND & Alex Sollazzo – This edition sees Simon and Jessica coming to grips with their situation as they have to team up with Batman to investigate a “fear plague” that is gripping Gotham. Then the Emerald Duo has to face a worked up Doctor Polaris who’s on a very personal mission. God help anyone in his way. All this and John Stewart makes a decision on our heroes that’ll severely impact their future as Lanterns from this point forward…..

61uQIk9mncL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_In addition to these books, I picked up The Encyclopedia of Black Comics by Dr. Sheena C. Howard which is a compendium of notable comic books, strips and talents of African-American and Black origin. It one thing to read these names in one place, but I can’t relate to you how great it is to say that since I began doing this blogging/podcasting thing, how many of these fine people I have personally talked to. These people are my heroes for chasing their talents and dreams and make them a reality. I’ll always boost their signals as they keep going forward.

There you go my pick ups for the week. I hope everyone enjoyed their personal pickups this week and thanks once again for reading.

Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!

Daryll Benjamin
Blerd. Irritant. Blogger. Podcaster at afronerd.com Daryll Benjamin was a quiet, insecure person for years, then an incident blew Daryll’s mind to the point where he couldn’t keep it inside anymore. Now that the rage is released, EVERYONE will receive his words.

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