CBU Quick Shot Reviews: Captain America, Millennials and more!

– by Daryll Benjamin –

SEP170802.jpg.square-true_maxheight-285_size-285Captain America 695 by Mark Waid, Chris Samnee & Matthew Wilson – Fresh off the events and fallout from Secret Empire, Steve Rogers goes to a town he remembers as being pro-Captain America to reestablish his mission. Too bad, some old baddies of his also have returned. Everything is about to be shaken up again in this quiet little town.

Avengers_Vol_1_673_TextlessAvengers 673 by Mark Waid, Javier Pina, Paco Diaz & Rachelle Rosenberg – So Counter-Earth continues its trajectory towards our Earth and there can be only one! (Sorry. Couldn’t help myself) Falcon and Viv captured by The High Evolutionary and that means some illicit tinkering and changes. And the rest of the team has a lot of Ani-Men to deal with. How many? Well it seems that the closer the 2 Earths get more will cross over. So, it starting to get crowded on our Earth right now.

Rom14_cvrARom 14 by Christos Gage, Chris Ryall, David Messina, Alessandra Alexakis & Michelle Pasta; Story 2 by Gage, Ryall, Guy Dorian Sr. & Sal Buscema – Surrounded in the ocean by a LOT of Dire Wraiths, Rom & Livia now fight for their lives and for the whole planet. While they do that, Orphion stumbles across that “religion” and, well, problems escalating fast up in this piece. In the 2nd Story, with his teammate corrupted and possibly lost to the infection, Rom fights to escape. Unfortunately, said teammate cracked his armor, leaving ROM open to infection.

DSK_Cv25_598c9eb82e0da4.78303519Deathstroke 25 by Christopher Priest, Carlo Pagulayan, Norm Rapmund, Trevor Scott, Jason Paz & Jeromy Cox – In the clutches of his former allies/teammates in the Society of SuperVillains, Slate stands trial to see whether he is good or evil. Be prepared to see some familiar faces as this is the issue that links Deathstroke’s current situation to the rest of the DCU at large. Meanwhile, his team is trying to figure things out and, um, a past problem for the Wilson Family returns to settle scores.

indexppPower Pack 63 by Devin Grayson, Marika Cresta & Chris O’Halloran – Katie Power gets called for a meeting with her teacher. Why? It seems that her creative writing projects seem to be too out there to be believed. Well she responds by relating one of Power Pack’s “Final” missions against one of their greatest enemies. That alone would make it personal if not for the fact that a member of the family has been possessed and is throttling them. A hearty welcome back to my comics stack to Devin Grayson, who penned this tale of Katie’s worst nightmare.

indexBBBlack Bolt 7 by Saladin Ahmed & Frazer Irving – His jail sentence “done” with a heavy price paid to be free, Black Bolt starts his journey back home with friends in tow. But what scars and remnants are left on psyches after a hellish ordeal? And as I relate that, the travelers have to make a stop to drop off a passenger.. A rather “monstrous” one at that! Never a dull moment folks!

aHR0cDovL3d3dy5uZXdzYXJhbWEuY29tL2ltYWdlcy9pLzAwMC8yMDUvOTIzL2kzMDAvU3BpZGVyX01hbl8yMzQuanBnPzE1MDMwNjgxNDc=Spider-Man 234 by Brian Michael Bendis, Oscar Bazaldua & Justin Ponsor – Goldballs, Ganke and Miles finally have a heart to heart to heart about everything that has happened over the last couple of weeks. On top of that, Ma Bombshell has been released from prison. What does that mean for Lana? Then as if that wasn’t enough, a mysterious figure from Miles’ past returns looking to pull off the heist of a lifetime. How? Well forming his own Sinister Six is a start…

indexArArchie 25 by Mark Waid, Audrey Mok & Kelly Fitzpatrick – Betty has returned home and now opens up to her confidant. And no that isn’t Archie. This helper weaves a scheme to not only to have Archie and Betty talk face to face but also to talk to Betty’s Parents in an effort to smooth things over. Also in this book: Reggie gets an intriguing cell mate, Jughead makes a sandwich, and Veronica plays golf. Seriously.

SEP170349-500x500Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands 1 by Tony Isabella, Clayton Henry & Peter Pantazis – Tony Isabella returns to the character he innovated as Jefferson Pierce returns to his city to continue his heroism. Unfortunately for him, an old enemy also has returned and is determined to kill not only the hero but his reputation. Great jumping on for those who want to know about the character before his CW show drops as different aspects of Jefferson’s history are highlighted here.

6Noble 6 by Brandon Thomas, Roger Robinson & Juan Fernandez – With Astrid being Lorena’s “guest” there is apparently no one keeping tabs on David’s movements. Well one person ACTUALLY is and the moves The Doctor is pulling may have bad repercussions for all involved as another “Catalyst” is introduced. And I did say David was making moves right? Well just be prepared for him going to extremes to regain his lost memories.

indexThThor 700 by Jason Aaron, Walter Simonson, Russell Dauterman, Matthew Wilson, Dainel Acuna, James Harren, Dave Stewart, Becky Cloonan, Das Pastoras, Chris Burnham, Ive Svorcina, Andrew McLean, Jill Thompson, Mike Del Mundo & Oliver Coipel – Stories from across time and space involving various Thors and her/his supporting casts. Included in this Anniversary/Milestone Issue are Malekith, Karnilla, Enchantress, EGO, Galactus & more as every Thor’s mettle is about to be seriously tested. Jason Aaron has outdone himself with all the plots he has in the air now. Curious to see him stick these landings here.

51w-uiEKj6L._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_Black Panther by Reginald Hudlin Complete Collection vol 1 with Peter Milligan, John Romita Jr., Klaus Janson, Trevor Hairsine, John Dell, Salvador Larroca, David Yardin, Danny Miki, Allen Martinez, Jay Leisten, Dean White, Liquid! Matt Milla, Richard Isanove, Kaare Andrews & Scot Eaton – Marvel starts to finally give Hudlin’s run the collection treatment as we find out “Who is the Black Panther?” & “Where is Wakanda?” & “Who is Shuri?” The animated series and a lot of lore for the movie gets updated here. Then, just wait until you see T’Challa’s connections throughout the Marvel U as he fights ninjas, vampires, invaders, mutated animals, shady government dealings and oh yes, there will be a marriage!

NSM_Cv17_open_order_var-580x892New Super-Man 17 by Gene Luen Yang, Joe Lalich, Richard Friend & Hi-Fi – In the fight to save his master, Kenan and the Justice League of China have run afoul of the Justice League. Run afoul is being too kind actually. Try “have freaking fired upon The Justice League”. Let’s see the kids explain away that one. And if that isn’t enough, enter once again Lex Luthor. Yeah. Life doesn’t get easier for Kenan…

TNS_17_COV_COL_598de1d5b7f1c4.70544557Titans 17 by Dan Abnett, Minkyu Jung, Mick Gray & BLOND – The villain stands revealed and it is Troia. Wait. What? The new rebirth version of “Who is Donna Troy?” continues with Donna having to come face to face her worst nightmare or ultimate destiny. Meanwhile, enter Wally West to help Wally West, who is at death’s door. ? Bleak future tidings and dire situations abound in this one folks….

mcray_cv2_dsMichael Cray 2 by Bryan Edward Hill, N Steven Harris, Dexter Vines & Dearbhla Kelly – Cray may have gotten a support team from Christine, but it remains to be seen. Why? Cray a) doesn’t trust newbies & b) there’s a little matter of stopping his target from more senseless killings. That target: Oliver Queen. Yep we going to get bullets vs arrows….

MOKFU2017126_FOCMaster of Kung-Fu 126 by CM Punk, Dalibor Talajic & Erick Arciniega – Shang-Chi and his lil monkey companion Chee just wanted to go to the park to get ice cream. that was all. Unfortunately, in the way of that we got animal poaching, genetic mad scientists, ninjas and, well, this really doesn’t sound like a day off does it?

Falcon 1 & 2 by Rodney Barnes, Joshua Cassara & Rachelle Rosenberg – Sam returns to his old duds with a new Patriot and heads to a new city, Chicago. Why? It seems that gang violence in Chicago has grown out of control. Quite unusually so as an ancient threat seeks to gain a renewed stake within our world. Real world problems meets a Marvel twist. And I didn’t even mention the guest star did I? *evil laugh*

MTUwMjkwNDc3MQ==She-Hulk 159 by Mariko Tamaki, Jahnoy Lindsay Federico Blee & Chris Sotomayor – Since the new status, Jennifer has been on an emotional roller coaster ride. There’s no let up here as a brunch meeting/interview with an interested “doctor” leads to the return of one of her cousin’s dreaded foes. Roller Coaster ride going 100 mph now with no let up….

Ms._Marvel_Vol_4_24Ms. Marvel 24 by G. Willow Wilson, Diego Olortegui & Ian Herring – Kamala and Red Dagger stuck on a runaway train with no breaks. So what is a hero to do? Yep. It time to get a little introspective about a tumultuous year for Jersey’s favorite hero. And the question still lingers: has Kamala’s passion and resolve cracked?

Starwars2015-38-finalStar Wars 38 by Kieron Gillen, Salvador Larroca & GURU e-FX – A new direction driver in Gillen as a mission on a stormy, desert planet leads Luke and Leia to a rebellious faction that has a very serious tie to the last Star Wars movie. Meanwhile, the Empire has stepped up their pursuit of the Rebellion. And no one is safe…

untitledAccell 5 by Joe Casey, Damion Scott, Robert Campanella, Sigmund Torre & MOSH Studios – You want to know the problem with going to another dimenson? When you get back, your perceptions of everyday life change. This is what our hero is going through as he struggles with having a “normal” life. PERFECT time to be introduced to your first super villain Accell. *groan*

untitled2Astonisher 2 by Alex De Campi, Pop Mhan & Jessica Kholinne – Determined to profit from his newfound power, Magnus has stretched himself personally & professionally. However, it isn’t driving himself nuts. It is driving EVERYONE ELSE crazy. The threat fallout from The Event continues and it is only matched by Magnus’ hubris. Yeah folks aren’t ready…but the question is yet to be answered about how ready is Magnus?

IMG_2999[1]Millennials 3 by Dimitrios Fragiskatos, Guillermo Villarreal, Sir Gryphon, & Dennis Pecheco – Know-It-All has discovered the most powerful Millennial ever documented. So he and BuzzGirl attempt a recruiting trip. Is Jeremy a team player? What is his powers? Prepare yourself for yet another smart homage takedown of comic book/X-Men tropes by Mad Scientist Dimitrios . . .

In addition to these books, I have acquired a signed bookshelf of BLACK by Kwanza Osajyefo, Tim Smith III, Jamal Igle & Khary Randolph. And if you have been following me over the past year, you know how much I adore the story of superpower intrigue mixed with social commentary. This has been a fun 2 weeks of books for yours truly.

Thanks For Reading Folks! I’ll have another blog dropping this week but I’m keeping the subject under wraps for now.

Until Then, Keep Fantasizing!

Daryll Benjamin
Blerd. Irritant. Blogger. Podcaster at afronerd.com Daryll Benjamin was a quiet, insecure person for years, then an incident blew Daryll’s mind to the point where he couldn’t keep it inside anymore. Now that the rage is released, EVERYONE will receive his words.

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