Justice League: A Review

– by Michael Tennant –


Since I was a kid watching the Super Friends I have dreamed of seeing a Justice League movie. Dreamt of it. Even watched it in my head a thousand times. So you can only imagine how psyched I was when a live action version final hit the theaters.

I rushed to see the movie far before I looked at any of the reviews-good and bad. This is mine.

Spoiler Free as I can make it.

There is always a struggle with origin stories for group movies. Trying to find a way to bring the heroes together. Giving each member their own moments. Even the best movies struggle with this. Justice League found a way to make both work.

It took a couple false starts but the band got together. A couple of disagreements, a few fights. The journey there gave some time and background to the lesser known heroes. Aquaman and the Flash often stole the show in their own ways. I cannot wait for their solo expeditions.

Cyborg was the character the concerned me the most and they found a way to make him interesting to me in a way I have not seen since Marv Wolfman was writing him. His origin and character was crucial to the entire movie. Not just the bus he is often treated as in the Justice League comics he truly shines in the scenes he has.

They even managed to not have Batman and Wonder Woman overwhelm the movie. That is no small feat considering they are two parts of DC Comics holy trinity. Their scenes together portray a dance as they slowly build trust in the most difficult of situations. Oh and Batman has jokes too. The third member of the Trinity is ever present in the movie in all the expected ways.

Then there is the villain. Steppenwolf was a solid adversary. Time and again in the movie it was shown that he was a threat that not one of the heroes could handle on their own. The scenes showing his history were rife with some of the best Easter eggs we have seen in some time. Now if they only explore these treats down the line.

Was the movie perfect?

No of course not. Perfect is boring. The pacing is still an issue. Some of the dialogue is a tad clunky. Then again some of the dialogue hits just the right notes. There are moments in this movie that rival the best in any superhero movie.

Most importantly it set the table nicely. Just big enough for six and room for more.

Justice League is absolutely worth the watch. I for one will be going back for more.


Michael Tennant
After discovering Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes #239 as a young man, Michael never looked back. Armed with a passion for journalism and a thirst for knowledge, he still talks to his imaginary friends.

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