One Man /// Riot #8: Inescapable Squirrel Girl, Misplaced Sympathy and more!

– by Daryll Benjamin –

Hi Readers, old and new! I haven’t delved into a TV/Entertainment round-up in a minute but because of recent news and drops over the past couple of weeks, I felt it was time to vent a little.

As usual, our opinions can be a little out there BUT our intention is to make you think. None of us are scholars in the practical sense. We just want you all to use your heads and look deeper into these subjects.

Ironically, this leads me into my first nugget. On Sunday, a video of a little boy in a car, talking (and crying) about a bullying situation went viral. This tugged on heartstrings everywhere and had support outpouring from every quarter including from stars like Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans. And just almost as immediately, a GoFundMe page got set up and he got 25-50k in donations from said supporters.

5418f2e14524b542180ed514d03d5eebHowever . . .

A look at his Mom’s/family’s page on Facebook and Twitter found interests & comments of a very dubious nature (make that read: RACIST). Dribs and drabs of previous incidents indicating a history of bullish behavior FROM this kid have come to light. Lots of folks have a bit of egg on their faces for jumping to this kid’s defense when it appears that he just got his comeuppance.

And I sit here just wondering about where these people were over the last week when I heard stories of young girls of color who decided to end their lives over bullying situations?

Second Nugget: I make no excuses for my love of the NFL and WWE. I love the action and athletic abilities shown by these players/entertainers week in/week out and sit in awe of their feats. However, I can admit that both have a VERY checkered histories in terms of their treatment of women and equality on the whole. Some of these are well documented and in this age of digital/social media, such incidents can go viral and wreck careers.

See what’s happening with Rich Swann? See what’s happening at NFL Network? Get it through your heads, guys, that if you do not change your ways of tolerance and respect, someone, or much worse, EVERYONE will find out. Different time. Different age. Adapt or Die, people. It truly is that simple. And I’m the guy saying this . . . the living embodiment of being awkward and inappropriate towards/around women. I’m a nobody while you guys have literally millions of dollars to lose. A little self-control in the moment means you don’t risk it all.

But what do I know? I’m just one guy right? All our favorites are problematic in one way or another. Why? Because we are all human and NO human is perfect. Stop taking things at face value. Stop the pedestal elevations. Open your eyes.


Btw, my cohorts over at Afronerd Radio did a little trailer breakdown on the new Miles Morales/Spider-Verse, Alita Battle Angel, Ready Player One and others this past Sunday. I urge you to check it out here: Spiderverse, Alita Trailers; Marvel Rising; POC Hogwarts?-The Grind @6pm ET

Meanwhile, my most recent appearance on Wednesday had me getting a little political and we discussed Milestone Comics due to Robert Kirkman’s excellent Secret History of Comics “Color of Comics” episode. Check it out: She’s Gotta Have It Revision; Tarantino’s Star Trek; Milestone Doc-MWIR @7pm

Quick Jabs

– Warner Bros sees Justice League as a disappointment and heads are beginning to roll. In the same breath, they also announce that Suicide Squad 2 in being prepped to begin shooting in 2018. Um, what?!?!?

– As much as I loved the mid-season finales of Flash, Legends of Tomorrow & Arrow (yes, I said love) and liked Supergirl’s, the last 15 mins of The Gifted’s BLEW THEM OUT OF THE WATER! And I’m not even a X fan like that anymore.

– I’m a bit mad about the Miles Morales trailer. Not because of it BUT the whole into the Spider-Verse thing means he’s going to be sharing story time with other Spider-Men/Women. I wanted his first outing to establish his own mythos, history & cast first.

Final Riot

Transcript of the Twitter rant that will get me in hot water . . . again:squirrelgirl442

“As I ride to work, let me clear something up. I don’t mean to rag on Squirrel Girl BUT she has become Marvel’s John Cena to me. What do I mean? Well I’m going to give you a couple of examples . . .

Plans appear for a Great Lakes Avengers series come up which is a property involving offbeat heroes not affiliated with the Avengers but using name. All of a sudden, they appear with Squirrel Girl as a member in comics. Actually, now reading it over, this is a good fit.

The Marvel 90’s “Teen Titans” analogue, New Warriors gets some Hollywood attention and the team is known for its diversity/inclusion along with its angst/“realness”. But when you read the supposed lineup, Squirrel Girl is included, who’s NEVER BEEN a member.

The second Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, which to date, has been the most inclusive Marvel property runs parallel to the previous story. The storyline is New Warriors and along with this new breed of super beings like Amadeus Cho and Cloak & Dagger, who else do we see? Squirrel Girl.

Now we get news of this Marvel Secret Warriors animated series based on the current comic series of YA/Teen/Kid Inhuman Heroes is announced and I’m pumped until I see the poster. Why? Quake✔️ Inferno✔️ Ms Marvel✔️ Karnak ✔️ Moon Girl? Nope and there she is . . . Squirrel Girl!

Lunella is one of the freshest faces in the Marvel Universe as a young black heroine. Not here. Squirrel Girl isn’t even freaking Inhuman!!! Why is she there? Why must every stab I have of some sort of inclusion be a “yeah, you can have variety, but it has to have Squirrel Girl.”

So we are at a point that I have made Squirrel Girl the poster child of inclusion at Marvel TV/Film similar to how John Cena was a symbol of everything WWE and that is a problem to me. I don’t hate her, but the continual forcing of her down my throat is getting my goat.

Note to Marvel: inclusion can happen without Squirrel Girl. SHOCKER!!! Sigh. Sorry folks. Had a DM that set this one off and I had to release the fire. It’s gone. I’m normal. I’m kinda sane again. I hope you all have a good day!”

Yep, I had a hair trigger on this one. Sorry Folks, I just had to share. Thx For Reading!

Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!

Daryll Benjamin
Blerd. Irritant. Blogger. Podcaster at Daryll Benjamin was a quiet, insecure person for years, then an incident blew Daryll’s mind to the point where he couldn’t keep it inside anymore. Now that the rage is released, EVERYONE will receive his word


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