Out of the Package: Wave 10 – A Very Geeky Christmas and a Happy Geek New Year

~ by Joe Gardner ~

Christmas has come and gone, and the New Year is upon us, as I bring you tales of our family’s very geeky Christmas. If you follow my Twitter or my ALL NEW! MOSTLY THE SAME! Facebook page, you’ve likely already seen the posting of the Christmas hauls for myself and my wife, Tina, and daughter, Madison. This year saw goodies from Mezco, Kotobukiya, Funko, Quantum Mechanix, and others. And porgs.

newyear1Our Christmas started a couple days before the holiday, with the wife’s family. Nothing terribly geeky here. Madison received a nearly 2’x3’ canvas of Harley Quinn. This is a nice piece of Jim Lee artwork that is a centerpiece in her newly repainted, redecorated room. And I received a large plush porg packaged with a porg plush throw. And almost immediately, the plush was claimed by Tina, and the throw claimed by Madison. At that point, we hadn’t seen The Last Jedi yet, but the wife and daughter already have porg fever.

We had my family over on Christmas Eve. Again, nothing terribly geeky here to report. I did receive a gift card that will be used to add to my collection. We all had a pretty good time with family, and that’s the most important thing.

And that brings us to Christmas Day, and gift exchange between my wife, daughter, and I. Our daughter’s “big” gift this year was having her room repainted and redecorated. But in addition to that, we picked up a few things for her. For a child born in ’02, Madison is such a 90’s kid. Especially the 90’s Nicktoons. I found her a convention exclusive flocked Catdog POP, all three of the AAAHH!!! Real Monsters POPs, and the Spider-Man Q-fig from QMx. For my wife, I finally snagged her a plush Snarf, a Bob Ross POP, a Game of Thrones coloring book, and a Yoda-themed Hot Wheels car to go in her Yoda shrine. Madison got her mom an ArtFX of Yoda and R2-D2, yet another addition for her shrine. Tina got me the ArtFX Black Manta to go with my Aquaman. From Madison, I received the Entertainment Earth exclusive glow in the dark Space Ghost from Mezco’s One:12 Collective line. This may, or may not, be due to heavy hints I dropped about EE having him on sale a couple weeks before. We also ventured out for a viewing of The Last Jedi, which we all loved.

newyear5Around the same time I dropped the hint about the Space Ghost figure, I happened upon a Deadpool One:12 figure at my LCS. Having some money saved with the intent of making such a purchase, I ended up bringing him home. But since the figure was something I had asked for, I waited to see what Christmas brought. And I’ve since added a third figure, Mirror Universe Spock, in the week since Christmas. Now I have three figures from the Mezco line and I KNOW I am hooked! I’ll likely be writing a review column soon. Not only that, but Madison now wants one (no big surprise) and even Tina said she wouldn’t mind getting a Wonder Woman! The family that geeks together, stays together!

Finally, my brother Tom was in town for a few days for the week and came by for a visit. He was joined by his girlfriend and her four boys, three of whom we hadn’t met yet. But her youngest left the biggest impression on us. From the moment they pulled into the driveway and saw our Chewbacca and BB-8 inflatable yard decorations, to the Star Wars themed Christmas trees and stockings, to all the other Star Wars goodies around the house, he was on a roll! He was nonstop talking (apparently a regular occurrence) about all things Star Wars. He was spouting things his mom and my brother didn’t realize he even retained. He was a hoot! I look forward to seeing them all again. Now that Tom is stationed a little closer, once we get Tina’s health settled down, maybe we can head out his way.

And such was our Christmas season. But I feel a little weird writing this particular column. I know my intent is to bring to you my geeky toy and collectible finds, but this just feels like I’m showing my greedy side a bit. This isn’t my intention and I hope you all don’t see it that way. Spending time with my loved ones and celebrating the season is the most important thing for me. The gifts are just a nice little side-effect. Maybe I’m just being a little too self-conscious.

Before I go…

So I’ve started up a Facebook page. You can find it here. It’s mostly the same stuff I’m doing on the Twitter account, and I’m having just as much fun with it. I’m toying with the idea of an Instagram account or even a YouTube account. We’ll see. I’m slowly making a brand of this thing.

I feel as if I’ve reached a plateau on the Funko POPs. Or maybe it’s just that my focus has shifted to other collectibles, like Mezco. Either way, Funko doesn’t excite me as much anymore. That being said, we received the Hulk box, with the First Appearance Hulk and Banner set being the only thing really of note. I also found POPs for Tormund and Brienne, from Game of Thrones. A fitting pair for the wife and I, as they are two of our favorite characters. And my brother gifted me my first Metallica POP, James Hetfield. I’ll most likely order the Green Lantern box for March, but the Funko boxes will happen less frequently for us.

newyear12I’ve mentioned before that I’d built up some reward points with Sideshow during their Spooktacular week. Well, between realizing that it will take me some time to save the money for an item and the points burning a hole in my virtual pocket, I’ve redeemed most of those points. I should soon be receiving a prop replica of Batman’s batarang from the movie Justice League, as produced by Quantum Mechanix. I’m pretty excited about this and hope to report on it soon.

Finally, one of my favorite comics of late is Scales and Scoundrels from Image. Created by writer Sebastian Girner, artists Galaad and Jeff Powell, Scales and Scoundrels is a fun, all ages, fantasy adventure book. I plan on writing a review of some sort in the near future. But I have had some great interaction with the creators on Twitter through my personal account. And this resulted in my receiving a custom art holiday postcard, with a hand-written message from Sebastian Girner. Major highlight of the season for me!

newyear14And that’s about it for now. I just want to thank you all for a fun 2017. I’ve had a blast writing this column and look forward to more in 2018.

Until next time, you’ll find me in the toy aisle.

Joe Gardner is a geek. ‘Nuff said. Maybe a couple more tidbits? M’kay: his hair growth rivals Wolverine’s. Oh, and he has quite the mancrush on Aquaman.

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