The Femme Wonder: Interlude – To Be Continued . . .

~ by Sammie Wetherell ~

Doesn’t it feel like a lifetime since I last graced my own column?

For me it’s been too long, I haven’t taken this long of a break since I started writing back in 2014. What with Christmas and working, it’s taken a toll on my free time and even my motivation.  I decided in 2018 I would pull my finger out, and start putting fingers to keys and get back to what I’ve loved doing for the past 4 years.

2017 was the year I got lazy, the year I thought I didn’t need to continue to expand on my knowledge, the year I half-heartedly cared about the comic community, the year I shied away from big topics. Ask me what’s going on in the comic industry right now and I’ll not have an answer for you.  I’ve relied on what I already know, and have been totally clueless about everything else that’s been happening.

I love that my YouTube channel (Two Girls) keeps me current with some pop culture, and the latest news that’s happening with comic book movies. Yet, I have completely neglected the industry where the source material stems from.

Well no more . . . 2018 I’m going to read more, write more, and express more!

Starting next week I will be delving into the women of Marvel & DC, going through the characters that grace the pages of Marvel & DC Comics, starting from the golden age of comics and all the way up to the modern era. I want to explore the impact of these characters on readers, the people that created them and how women characters have evolved through time.

Every two weeks I will have a new issue of The Femme Wonder out showcasing yet another woman who has impacted the comics and geek-culture industry.

Until Next Time . . .

Peace, Love & Peanut Butter!

New Sammie
Sammie Wetherell storms in from the green lands of Durham, England. She’s an aspiring writer, comics lover, gamer and cat momma. Besides writing for this great site, she also works on content for her YouTube channel and podcast, Two Girls, all while trying to make her way in this big nerd world.

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