Out of the Package: Wave 11 – My New Mezco Addiction

~ by Joe Gardner ~

mezco1Greetings, fellow geeks! I reported recently about our Christmas haul and the fact that I added three (3) figures from the Mezco One:12 Collective line. I promised that I would do a review of said figures, so let’s get right to it!

Let’s follow a quick timeline of how I came to this point. When I first started on this column in July of ‘17, my collections consisted of mainly vinyl and action figures you could walk into Wal-Mart and buy. I was aware of the finer, more collector driven lines, such as Mezco Toyz and Sideshow Collectibles, but they weren’t really on my radar. After determining that folks would probably get bored of me writing about the same thing over and over, I decided to do a little more exploration and research of these other lines of toys and collectibles. This is when I really discovered, and fell in love with, the One:12 line from Mezco and the Sixth Scale figures from Sideshow and Hot Toys. I concluded that I would start saving extra cash where I could and purchase a figure from one of these lines.

So, I started saving. Then, just after Thanksgiving, I happened upon a Deadpool figure from Mezco’s One:12 line at my Local Comic Shop, Downtown Comics West. As I was still a bit short on cash, I asked if he’d been on the shelf long. It turns out the figure had been there about a month, so I was hopeful he’d last another week or two. I came back a week later and made the purchase. But there was a catch. Every year, my mother-in-law asks for a Christmas list from each of us. This list also helps my wife and daughter. Even though I knew the prices put them out of the normal range of the annual list, I had some Mezco figures on my list. And Deadpool was one of them. Because there was a possibility I would receive him as a gift, however slim it may be, I HAD wait until after Christmas to put him on display. But that didn’t stop me from opening the package and checking him out. And with that, I was hooked on the Mezco One:12 Collective line.


mezco2.jpgWhat can I say about this figure, except that it’s amazing! Six inches tall, over 30 points of articulation, detailed spandex style costume, two heads, four pairs of interchangeable hands, two pistols (with removable ammo clips), two swords, an assault rifle (again, removable clip) with grenade launcher, six grenade shells that fit into the launcher, four Deadpool hand grenades, Deadpool logo base, and an articulated posing post. Whew! I am overjoyed that I made this guy my first Mezco figure. The costume is nice and snug, but moves well whilst posing the figure. Hip holsters for the pistols, sheaths for the swords, and spots on the shoulders straps for holding the grenade shells add to the coolness factor. I have posed and re-posed this guy multiple times already. I am working on a few ideas for some creative photography of Deadpool and the other figures. And it would seem I’m starting to build a Deadpool shrine, that’s currently about half the size of my Aquaman shrine.


mezco3About the same time I snagged the Deadpool figure, Entertainment Earth was running a massive Christmas sale on their website. Included in this sale was their exclusive, glow-in-the-dark Space Ghost One:12 figure, at a $50 price point. The exact amount we set as our per person Christmas spending limit. I promptly proceeded to text both the wife and daughter and dropped some heavy hints, along with a direct link to the product page. Now, being the old fogey that I am, I remember watching the classic Space Ghost cartoons, along with the other Hanna-Barbera classics. In reruns, of course. And I thoroughly enjoyed the Cartoon Network Space Ghost: Coast to Coast series. Oh, Brak and Zorak, how you made me laugh. But back to the figure. My hint dropping worked, and I received the Space Ghost figure from my daughter as a Christmas gift. I’ve read some reviews that collectors weren’t big on the GiTD version. I love this guy! He has the massive articulation, four pairs of hands, a pair of hands with projecting blasts, another hand with a different blast, three different blast accessories that fit onto the fists, and Space Ghost logo base with articulated posing post. And a Blip figure! Granted, Blip is an opaque, glow-in-the-dark figure, that kind of creeps out Madison. But it’s Blip! Once again, the costume is snug, but accommodates for posing and the cape is posable. This is another source of debate among collectors: posable cape or free flowing? In this case, I like the posable cape, as Space Ghost spends most of his time in, well, space. No wind, no gravity, it’s just going to go wherever. Exactly how I pose it. Unfortunately, when I was recently changing up the pose, one of the knee joints popped. With the costume as snug as it is, this really isn’t noticeable aside from the fact the leg no longer holds a bend very well. Standing might not be steady, but I have yet to position him in anything other than a flight pose. Regardless, I will regularly walk into the darkened room, turn on the flashlight on my phone, shine it on the figure, and then turn off the light just to enjoy the glow. Nope, not a big kid at all. Now I’m just waiting on the Brak and Zorak figures. You hear me, Mezco?!?


mezco4.jpgSoon after the holiday, I was considering options for which to use a Visa gift card on. As I was searching Amazon, I came across a One:12 figure depicting Mr. Spock from the Mirror Universe episode of the original Star Trek series. And he was only $30! My favorite Trek character, from one of my favorite Trek episodes, and at a decent price…I couldn’t have ordered quicker if I had it set on 1-click ordering. Spock comes with the multiple points of articulation (seriously, this should just be assumed at this point), seven different hands, phaser (likely not set to stun), dagger (with sheath), Mirror Universe logo base with articulated post, and the trademark Mirror Universe, evil indicating goatee. The costume on Spock is excellent, just as I remember from the episode with the alternate universe logos, the gold sash belt, and knee-high boots. In all honesty, there really isn’t much to this figure. There isn’t a ton of accessories, and I’m not going to put him in crazy poses, he’s just really freaking cool. I mean, it’s Spock! He sits nicely with my Pon Farr Kirk Mystery Mini and Plush Tribble.


mezco6.jpegSoon after I purchased my Deadpool, I shot a message to the CBU’s resident Batman guru, our very own Grumpler, James Lawrence (@TripleJ18 on Twitter). James has a reasonable collection of One:12 figures of his own, and has been a mentor, of sorts, helping me on this new collection journey. Informing me of the secondary market, should I ever decide to resell (it’s huge!), the best retailers to buy or preorder from, and it’s just been a lot of fun talking figures with him. He also added me to a few of the One:12 Facebook groups that he is a part of. Collector groups, buy/sell/trade groups, and even photography groups, the community has been great and has increased my love for this line. And it’s where I made my first ever trade. A couple weeks ago, a fellow named Jared posted in one of the groups that he was looking for the Build-a-Figure Sentinel from one of the older Marvel Legends lines. It just so happened that I’m in the middle of cleaning and reorganizing my Nerd Cave and the closet therein, and I had just unearthed my BaF Sentinel and Galactus figures. I responded with a picture of the figures, and was met with an almost immediate private message. After a short conversation, we agreed to swap my Sentinel and Galactus for a brand new Deathstroke and a Punisher from his personal collection. My figures were going for far more than I expected, and we both agreed that this was a fair trade. Before I get to the figures, I just want to say that I had a very positive experience with this, my first trade. And judging by his messages and posts in the group, Jared was quite happy with the outcome, as well.


mezco5The first figure of the trade to arrive was Deathstroke. Jared purchased the figure in the middle of our trade conversation, and had it shipped directly to my home. This is brand new release that already seems to be highly sought after. And I can see why. Very nicely detailed, ole Slade comes with usual multiple points of articulation, masked and unmasked heads, six hands, a rifle (with removable clip), a pistol (with removable clip), katana (with sheath), and Deathstroke logo base and articulated post. The costume is a mixture of cloth and molded armor, with a hip holster for the pistol, and the belt for the katana sheath fits nicely over the shoulder. I have read some complaints about the ankle/foot armor breaking off, and am quite baffled by this. The armor is on its own swivel, independent of the foot joint, and I’ve yet to have any issue with it. I’ve also read that the armor is removable, but this isn’t something that I have any interest in testing. In all, he’s a great looking figure that I am more than happy to have in my collection.


mezco7.jpegA few days after receiving Deathstroke, I shipped out my figures to Jared (a delay requested by him). I soon received a message that he had found a brand-new Punisher figure on the Mezco website, and had purchased him to ship to me. Wow! I was getting two BRAND NEW figures out of this deal! Yeah, I’ve nothing to complain about. The Punisher figure arrived and, Holey Moley, the accessories alone make this guy. Again, the multiple points of articulation, three heads, eight hands, a knife, a large rifle (with two removable clips), pistol (with two removable clips), a sub machine gun (with two removable clips), large, revolver style grenade launcher (with six removable grenade shells), a muzzle blast launching bullet effect, and Punisher logo base with articulated post. Three head profiles are a normal, slightly scarred face; an open mouth/yelling face; and a just-got-the-crap-beat-out-him, bruised, with a swollen shut eye face. The knife fits into a sheath that is positioned on the back of the figure. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a hand made to fit the knife into. The costume is cloth with molded belts and belt packs, and the skull is an armor feature. Very nicely done. This probably my favorite figure, so far.


mezco8There you have it. In less than a month and a half, I went from none of these figures to five of them. And a couple on preorder at Big Bad Toy Store. And a whole list of others that I’d like to get. Luckily, BBTS doesn’t require a deposit on their preorders, and hopefully I can stash some extra cash by the time they come up. James told I jumped into the Mezco game with two, to which I replied that I dove in head first.

As I mentioned before, the resell market on these figures is pretty good. This means I am keeping all the packaging for these figures, just in case. And it seems to be a bit of a status symbol to share pictures of just the boxes. Another nice feature to these figures is that they all come with little baggies, branded with the One:12 logo, to keep your unused accessories in. But I purchased a small divided container, a small fishing tackle box, and I am keeping my spare parts in there. Something I picked up reading through posts on Facebook. Next, I hope to pick up a display case, or two. I have found some nice cases on IKEA that are exactly what I’m looking for, and aren’t terribly expensive.

The only real complaint I have about this line is the foot peg. The bases come with a foot peg that is interchangeable with the posing post. The foot pet itself just feels too small. The post is great for flying or leaping poses, but seems too bulky for just standing. But the peg doesn’t always feel like it’s going to hold the figure up. A minor complaint, really.

In closing, I am in love with this line. I may not end up with as many as I’d truly like, as they are a tad expensive, especially compare to some of my other collections. But they are totally worth it. MAKE MINE MEZCO!!

Until next time, you’ll find me in the toy aisle.

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Joe Gardner is a geek. ‘Nuff said. Maybe a couple more tidbits? M’kay: his hair growth rivals Wolverine’s. Oh, and he has quite the mancrush on Aquaman.

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