CBU Quick Shot Reviews: Avengers, Black Lightning, Deathstroke and more!

by Daryll Benjamin |

BLACK-LIGHTNING-cover-#5-Colors_5a2afe64e661a2.16372415Black Lightning Cold Dead Hands 5 by Tony Isabella, Clayton Henry, Yvel Guichet, Pete Pantazis & Josh Reed takes an interesting turn as Jefferson has to determine what the hell is going on. Meanwhile, a certain Mr. Whale has had enough and the comic is syncing up with the TV show nicely in terms of tone and story…

JAN180282.jpg.square-true_maxheight-285_size-285Deathstroke 29 by Christopher Priest, Diogenes Neves, Jeromy Cox, Trevor Scott & Willie Schubert – Let’s face it, Defiance as a team was a failure. They never jelled as a team and lost team members all over the place…BUT it was a success to Deathstroke. You’ll find out how much so in this issue. In addition to that, Rose and Joseph are REALLY in the rabbit hole in terms of security and self-identity.

JAN180366.jpg.square-true_maxheight-285_size-285Jetsons 5 by Jimmy Palmiotti, Pier Brito, Alex Sinclair & Dave Sharpe – Rapidly approaching destruction from above and below forces a Jetson family member to make a decision. In the course of this, a staple from the cartoon gets revealed and..what’s that old saying? “The best laid plans of mice and men…” goes just how you think it would go..

JL_040_col_revised-1500_5a6bc0ce9e37a2.22866547Justice League 40 by Christopher Priest, Pete Woods, Chris Sotomayor & Willie Schu – Seems like “The Fan” is a way bigger problem than the League anticipated as everything comes to a head. “Everything?” Everything. The main team and the America team find themselves trapped in the powerless Watchtower. Once again, Priest plays off team personalities and dynamics in ways that will have readers talking long after they put the book down.

wild storm 12Wild Storm 12 by Warren Ellis, Jon Davis-Hunt, Steve Buccellato & Simon Bowland – The WildC.A.T.s infiltrate an I.O. labratory. I.O. is making its move on Skywatch/Stormwatch. Bendix is getting annoyed and at the end of the issue, an old staple of the original Wildstorm Universe appears in the wilderness. Ellis closes out arc two with all the characters positioned to cause havoc…

626404._SX360_QL80_TTD_Avengers 683 by Jim Zub, Mark Waid Al Ewing, Paco Medina, Jesus Aburtov, Juan Vlasco & VC’s Cory Petit – So by total and complete luck (yeah right!), a piece of the power pyramid thing appears at the hospital where Beast and Wasp are treating Jarvis. Just in case folks didn’t think this story could get more bananas, it seemingly can call upon ghosts of the dead. Just what the Avengers needed, MORE complications…

img20180307_20282037_1024xBlack Bolt 11 by Saladin Ahmed, Christian Ward & VC’s Clayton Cowles – This was supposed to be a rescue mission. Black Bolt and Titania go in and get Blinky out from Lash’s clutches. We didn’t expect a double cross (riiiight) and no one expected Blinky to turn into The Jailer mid conflict. Man. Everyone’s screwed now…

b6437849-62e0-4132-8aff-448deb8555f6_1.5fd692a8fc1bbbad66ed3b169d300dd4Captain America 699 by Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, Matthew Wilson & VC’s Joe Caramagna – 30 Years frozen in ice. That’s how long it took while Steve was retrapped for the United States of America to lose its way. Who’s behind this down turn? How can Captain America fix this? Well, welcome to the tricky essence of this Waid/Samnee tale….

626619._SX360_QL80_TTD_Rise of Black Panther 3 by Evan Narcisse, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Paul Renaud, Stēphane Paitreau & VC’s Joe Sabino – The reimagined “Wakanda coming out to the world” situation happens in this issue. Strong ties to Marvel Universe history along with references to some of the previous Panther runs bolster this issue. That and an appearance by one of my favorite characters over the last 15 years…

4141143.jpg.square-true_maxheight-285_size-285She-Hulk 163 by Mariko Tamaki, Diego Olortegui, Federico Blee & VC’s Travis Lanham – Goodbyes are never easy and the way Ms Tamaki wrote this series had me pondering a lot of things that I usually don’t when reading comics. For that, thank you for this to you and the whole creative team. To go out with a bang, Jen and Patsy are chaperoning a prom after all the craziness of the last few issues. Piece of cake right? Well not when the school president is a mutant and anti-mutant factions are gathering… WITH. A. BANG!

Spider-Man_Vol_1_238Spider-Man 238 by Brian Michael Bendis, Oscar Bazaldua, Brian Reber & VC’s Cory Petit – The heist is ON! Annnnd Spider-Man isn’t going to interfere…wait. What? Maybe he truly won’t be needed. There’s a traitor inside the Iron Spider’s Sinister Six and well, when has one of these heists in the Marvel Universe EVER gone off smoothly? And on that note, I did mention that Lana is stuck on this heist with her mom right? Oooboy…

StarWars2015-44Star Wars 44 by Kieron Gillen, Salvador Larroca, GURU-eFX & VC’s Clayton Cowles – On the run, the Rebels need to find a new hideout. They go to Admiral Ackbar’s homeworld of Mon Cala to see if they can shack up there. The whole overarching theme of this week of books is that plans f up and how to cope. Well did anyone plan for that Imperial Trooper detachment arriving? Not to worry though, Han’s got a plan….Yep you read that right..

BSS_007_COVER-A_LEMIREBloodshot Salvation 7 by Jeff Lemire, Renato Guedes & Simon Bowland – To escape death, Garrison took Jessie into the Deadside and unfortunately, that action left him blind. In Lemire & Guedes’ own quirky style, we are going to experience this issue from Garrison’s view. Did I mention he’s blind? Crafty stuff for those who don’t think that comics push boundaries in terms of storytelling…

JAN181341Mech Cadet Yu 7 by Greg Pak, Takeshi Miyazawa, Triona Farrell & Simon Bowland – The Academy destroyed. The cadets, mechs and their fellow students are being relocated to a hidden base by the military. So what ISN’T being said? In a war, sometimes your worst enemies may be on your same side at times….

SiP3Strangers in Paradise 2 by Terry Moore – As a comic geek/nerd/Blerd, one of my favorite things to do is get these universes and find interesting ways to link them up. In this issue, Terry has Katchoo on the hunt for the fugitive Parker Girl only to have the story wind through the stories of Echo and Rachel Rising…and to have Daryll geek out while reading this in the comic shop!

635699._SX360_QL80_TTD_New Super-Man & The Justice League of China 21 by Gene Luen Yang, Brent Peeples, Hi-Fi, Matt Santorelli & Dave Sharpe – Just who is the Aqua-Man of North Korea? Better question: Are Kenan and the team ready to deal with the social and political ramifications of getting involved with him. Welcome Super-Man to the red tape of being a superhero. Hope you survive the experience.

s-l225Scooby Apocalypse 23 by Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis, Ron Wagner, Hi-Fi, Andy Owens & Travis Lanham – Ok the team is almost exactly where we left them off last issue. Trapped with in the mall between two warring factions of mutants. Meanwhile, Scooby and Cliffy are being hunted away from the action. In the 2nd story, brains being stolen. The Company calls in Secret, Morocco & Eva. Now can she keep them from squabbling long enough to solve this?

jan180349Titans 21 by Dan Abnett, Paul Pelletier, Adriano Lucas, Andrew Hennessy, Josh Reed & Carlos M. Mangual – Arsenal is determined to get the job done on his own. Donna calls in the Calvary but one pretty big problem: Roy is projecting loads of anger. Titans Fight! Bonds will be broken. Lines will be crossed. Wait. Why does this sound so familiar???

JAN180358.jpg.square-true_maxheight-285_size-285Michael Cray 6 by Bryan Edward Hill, Larry Hama, N Steven Harris, Dearbhla Kelly, Dexter Vines & Simon Bowland – His teammate captured and about to be made into an aquatic appetizer, Cray has to risk it all for the rescue. With looming above, the mysterious Curry. Unbeknownst to Cray is while this mission is going off the rails, something even more sinister and creepy is at work in Britain.

AVENGERS_NO_SURRENDER_CVR_684-600x923Avengers 684 by Jim Zub, Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Paco Medina, Joe Bennett, Juan Vlasco, Ruy Jose, Jesus Aburtov, Morry Hollowell & VC’s Cory Petit – Revelations come abound as we take a look at the history of The Immortal Hulk. Yep. A new prefix. And unfortunately, Dr. Banner Isn’t in control…the Challenger is. And for sure the Avengers…well most of the Avengers aren’t ready.

4c0aeb83c80addccdd1009cce21f24af-250x380.pngFalcon 6 by Rodney Barnes, Sebastián Cabrol, Rachelle Rosenberg & VC’s Joe Caramagna – It is Date Night. A perfect time for Sam to relax with Misty but unfortunate for him, he’s tracking down a few criminals. We all know Misty is not one to be kept waiting. Thin ice Sammy boy… Thin. Ice.

626554._SX360_QL80_TTD_Marvel Two in One 4 by Chip Zdarsky, Valerio Schiti, Frank Martin & VC’s Joe Caramagna – The search for the Richards Family across the multiverse begins and Johnny & Ben, along with the Doc, land on an Earth where things went a little astray. As in, there’s no Ben OR Johnny alive. What happened? And what are the effects on history? Yeah….

Thrawn_2Thrawn 2 by Jody Houser, Luke Ross, Nolan Woodard & VC’s Clayton Cowles – The first command (kinda). The first opposition from outside the ranks (pirates). More malevolent misadventures for his “handler” as the legend of Thrawn begins here in earnest.

652072._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Accell 9 by Joe Casey, Damion Scott, Sigmund Torre, Robert Campanella, MOSH Studios, AW’s DC Hopkins & Ramón Govea – Accell comes clean to his girlfriend about everything that has happened and, well, she’s not happy. In the same vein, her father continues to consolidate his power/control over his “specialists”.

6e58fbbf77c9e66ac2829bd9c5253610_xlAstonisher 5 by Alex De Campi, Pop Mhan, Al Barrionuevo, Bryan Valenza & AW’s Tom Napolitano – The escape from the hospital of the “rock people” is now complete BUT our hero is left a broken man. Meanwhile, the hold of the alien parasites strengthens within one close to him. What kind of bounce back can possibly be left within him?

STL074889Encounter by Art Baltazar, Franco & Chris Giarrusso – Two of my favorite book creators (Tiny Titans, Aw Yeah Comics, Mini Marvels, G-Man) come together to tell the story of a new hero. But…who is Encounter? And why is he here? And how crazy is this book going to get? LOL for all ages and a perfect book for those burnt out by “serious” comics…

*Whew* Ok. I really tried hard not to spoil the action for you folks. Thanks for reading all.

Until Next Time, Keep Fantasizing!

Daryll Benjamin
Blerd. Irritant. Blogger. Podcaster at afronerd.com Daryll Benjamin was a quiet, insecure person for years, then an incident blew Daryll’s mind to the point where he couldn’t keep it inside anymore. Now that the rage is released, EVERYONE will receive his word.

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