Return of the Four

| By Michael Tennant |

When Marvel Two-In-One first came out many comic fans speculated it was the beginning of the return of Marvel’s first family. That return will be complete this August.

Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski announced on Twitter that writer Dan Slott and artist Sara Pichelli would be helming a new ongoing Fantastic Four series starting this August.

“It’s the right time, and we wanted the right team to do it, and we wanted the right story to come across,” Cebulksi said. “And when Dan finished Amazing Spider-Man, he came, he pitched the story to us, and we sat there with our jaws on the table as he pitched it. We knew we found the right guy.”

I personally love the job Chip Zdarsky has done writing Marvel Two-in-One. He really seems to have found the voice for Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm. I had hoped that he would be the one to return the Fantastic Four to their past glories. However, Dan Slott clearly has the experience to take on such a big job.

Sara Pichelli is the real win here. I have loved her work since I first saw it on Guardians of the Galaxy (not to mention her recent work on Spider-Men II). I actually wanted her to jump ship to DC Comics and take over Batman when Greg Capullo finished his run of the title a couple of years back.

Slott does make me a little nervous, though. As good as he can be I was not a fan of his Superior Spider Man. On top of that, changing lanes from Zdarsky comes with its own risks.

Marvel has said that Marvel Two-In-One will continue with Zdarsky at the helm as the Fantastic Four returns. It had seemed to be setup as a prequel to the return of the Four. With that job done I wonder what direction they will take the title in.

Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny. The band is back together.

About damn time.


Michael Tennant
After discovering Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes #239 as a young man, Michael never looked back. Armed with a passion for journalism and a thirst for knowledge, he still talks to his imaginary friends.

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