The Femme Wonder: Interlude – Missing the Mark!

| by Sammie Wetherell |

I first want to apologise for the lack of content I have brought to this column as of late. Life has been a wirldwind that has taken me away from writing, and ultimately the thing I love to do the most. I’m trying to organise myself in a better fashion, and get myself back to normaility.

Ever since my last article I’ve been thinking about the stricture I had with my first 7 articles. I thought as time went on I would get a rhythm of what I wanted to bring to this column, but it never materialised.


Then, while making my morning cuppa, I had an epiphany, it was like a bolt of lightening sent by Thor! I have totally been missing the mark on this column. I’ve wrapped myself up in the past, and what has come before. I didn’t even think about what is happening now. WOMEN in comics, movies and pop culture is growing every day, and all I’ve wanted to do was concentrate on the past! However, in concentrating on the idea of writing about  past characters and old story plots, I’ve completely missed massive opportunities that are currently happening NOW!


Just as recent as February this year, we had the release of Black Panther. A movie that had a strong female cast of characters that I should have written several articles about! The hype of Captain Marvel has already started, I should be writing more about my all-time favourite! Last year, Star Wars had a movie that featured all-new female characters and I should have written a few articles about them as well.

My point with all the above is how much I’ve completely missed the mark on current pop culture. I’ve worried myself with how much I know, thinking that if I write about earlier events it will keep my nerd credibility up. I should have more confidence in myself, and realise I know a decent amount already, that I can have conversations with the best of them. And if I don’t then I need to be okay with that and simply learn from others.

Thanks for reading what as a Briton I can only describe as an epilogue. I’m now going to go and press on with my next article.

Until Next Time . . . Peace, Love & Peanut Butter

Sammie Wetherell storms in from the green lands of Durham, England. She’s an aspiring writer, comics lover, gamer and cat momma. Besides writing for this great site, she also works on content for her YouTube channel and podcast, Two Girls, all while trying to make her way in this big nerd world.

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