The Comic Book Underground

Social Media Collective

Established on Twitter, Summer 2011 | Expanded to Facebook, Winter 2014

~ The Founding Trinity ~

Steve Damm | Brandon Rucker | James Lawrence

~ Active Charter Members ~

Joshua Hooten | Stephane Trahan | Terrence Sage | Michael Tennant

~ comicbook-underground.com ~

Launched: June 2017

What We Are

The Comic Book Underground is a comics culture collective and network of enthusiasts and aficionados bound together by our love and appreciation of all things comic books and comics-related. Unbridled passion, intelligent discourse and yes, sometimes flagrant opinions are the driving force of a collective that was borne of discussion, enlightenment and civil debate. We cover a multitude of aspects and topics based around comics as well as the geek and popular culture that surrounds them. We are the Fifth Estate.

Our History

The short version — The Comic Book Underground was at first loosely established on Twitter in the Summer of 2011, namely by the Trinity of Steve Damm (@777Damm), Brandon Rucker (@RuckerWrites) and James Lawrence (@TripleJ18), when the three gentlemen first crossed paths on the micro-blogger (on some Superman related controversy). These three passionate and opinionated comics fans continued to interact pretty much exclusively on comics-related tweets. Within months a diverse group had formed around the trinity by association and had interacted daily to discuss comics and comics-related media and culture. A core group was formed, friendships were established and the cyber-bond became unbreakable.

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